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FlowingLove greeting cards are breathtaking expressions of love in flowing motion. They express love in words, phrases, notes, letters, messages, sayings, poems, writings, quotes, quotations, views, and poetry in romantic mannerisms. Whether used for romance or in friendship, the best formula of love remains the greatest. The feelings and great passions of love are expected and ignited by the sharing of feelings and compassion. Today we encourage, stimulate, uplift, embrace, cheer up and show so much sensitivity by the giving and sharing of love through our nice thoughts, cute messages, funny jokes, and best wishes. Each day couples, partners, lovers, friends and families show love by expressing much care, affection, and concern. They spread many smiles, sunshine, touch hearts, share dreams, say good things, and express very romantic feelings. Chances are that you are thinking about someone right now that needs you to believe in and encourage them. There are so many wonderful ways to say I love you, whether by best happy birthday kisses or cute romantic love wishes. This is the art of love, it's like a great magnificent sea full of loving feelings, thank you again!