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      Ask Questions About Love, Questions About Relationships

      By Guide

      It is said that the only stupid questions that you ask, are the ones you never asked. The sole intent of this section is so you may ask the burning questions you have desired to be answered. The answers to your questions about love and relationships may be given on this page, so please return to this section after a couple of days. It is also possible that we may take the questions you are asking and use them as a topic to write an article on. Whatever the case may be, we will attempt to supply answers that are useful to you.

      Often times people want to hear the answers the way they want them, that is not going to happen here. Be prepared to accept answers that are answered out of love. Love will not tell you what you want to hear, but rather what you need to discover. Sometimes the questions that people are asking are more complex than they appear, therefore the answers you receive may be multifaceted.

      Please note that the relationship questions you are asking will appear in ascending order, 15 questions per page, thus you will may need to scroll to the bottom of this page and click to the next page in order to see the question you asked about, as well as it’s corresponding answer.


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      158 Responses to “Ask Questions About Love, Questions About Relationships”

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      1. 120
        ash Says:

        Hie… I started going out with a guy from this march. Suddenly he has to go to Dubai to see his parents and initially he had to come in may end but it postponed to July. He started behaving with me wierdly but i kept on trying to make the things better. One day out of frustration i asked him whats going wrong on his part and asked him . He said me its very tough in long distance and wanted some time. He took an hour or so and then said me he wanted to breakup. I tried to convince him a lot but he didnt. I love him really. Its being a month now we are no longer in contact. I thought he would feel my absence but i was wrong. What should i do to get him back?

        COMMENT: There is really too much lacking information, however it does appear that he made a choice to move on. Perhaps he had someone else in mind already? If he is not contacting you then it would say that he did not have the feelings for you that you had for him. Again, a good reason why not to give yourself away before marriage.

      2. 119
        kyra Says:

        Hi..my one and half year relationship with my boyfriend ended last night and im so shattered i dont know where else to turn to.. Im 28 and he’s 31,we both are matured enough and have secure jobs, the first few months after we dated he told me that after breaking up with his ex he did not get much space he needs to get over her before dating me..so he told me he needed some space and wants to break up for a while, i gave him the space he needed though he used to text me once a while during that time, which i usually do not respond he also tried to catch me online saying “are u there”, “hey” etc. (i saw the offlines). After a month, he came around saying he’s ready, after that we started dating, i loved him a lot so did he, all he talk about was building our future,he wanted to get married this year. I used to ask him about his ex, he said he’s over her (which i think is the truth) and that the only thing that he wish her for is happiness. I haven’t had a serious relationship before, the few times i dated i ended up broken heart. Since this relationship had been longer than before and since we were happy together, loving each other, i was sure he was the one. He had talked about building our future, talked about marriage he said he wanted to get married this year, i said im not ready this year because of some issues – i have 3 brothers, im the only girl, my mom insist one of them get married first. But, i told him even if they don’t get married this year we’ll get married next year, he was okay with it but said he’s getting older and wanted to settle down soon. He was caring and loving,we were connected and happy with each other though we had our ups and downs. But,from few weeks back we didn’t see each other, all he said was he was too busy with work.. i thought he needed some space, and left him there sometimes not speaking to each other for two days. I sense something was wrong and text him that we need to talk, he told me to come online where he told me he was confused about our relationship, and that he felt he’s not good enough for me, he said if we get married we maybe a perfect couple but he’s not sure if he can give me the perfect love, he said he did not give his whole heart in our relationship and that if we give each other space maybe we will find out whether we are meant to be together. I said we can work things out now without breaking up by taking things slowly,I told him if we break up i don’t think i would want to come back, because we have broken up before, but he still said he wants to break up now and wait for fate to play its game he said if we are meant to be together we’ll come around, he said that there’s no one he is seeing now and do not want to go out with anyone, he asked me never to close my heart for him because he’s confused right now and that he may want to come back again.. i thought everything was so real, and that all we are waiting for is starting a family, but this is where it ends.. im so heartbroken, my chest feels so heavy right now, i want to scream and cry and i cant even cry it hurts too much , i keep thinking the happy times we had, the promises we made.. it hurts so much, i see my dreams shattered, my happiness gone, i cant imagine my life without him.help me please, should i wait for him?

        COMMENT: It is more important to understand than it is to be understood. You are voicing your hurts, pains, and desires but missing where he is at altogether. He has not healed completely from his previous relationship and his self-esteem appears to have taken a hit from that relationship. He would probably not admit it though, guys like to be quiet about things and internalize them themselves. Besides that issue, is the thing about your mom’s desire for one of your brothers to get married before you do may also appear to be an issue with him. Due to his low self-esteem he may be taking that as “your not sure, or not ready.” Frankly, it should not have anything to do with your mother’s wishes, she can not live your life, that is more of a control issue with mom than a love issue in your relationship. I would suggest you work on being a friend first, open the door and be there for him, be supportive and encouraging. Stop trying to push your desires on him, and leave sex out of the equation.

      3. 118
        Jade Says:

        I have a boyfriend that lives in Germany for college, we’ve been going through a lot over the past 2-3 years. We’ve broken up a few times but got back together, we’re still together and he tells me that he’s about to graduate and wants to move back to the states and stuff like that, well i have feelings that he might just be saying that and is lying about our relationship and is with someone else. I don’t want to sound like i don’t trust him because i do, the only thing that is scaring me is not being able to meet him. I guess we’re supposed to get married but i don’t know when. what should i do without breaking up with him or even make him think that i don’t trust him?

        RESPONSE: First get honest with yourself, you do not trust him and you are insecure. Try to look into your deep feelings to understand what the source of your insecurity is, it may not be him. Have people made you to feel less than them, have you been degraded by others? Do you lack affirmation from your parents, mother and/or father? You need to start at the source in order to understand the root issue.

      4. 117
        Christine Says:

        I am 22 years old and I have been dating my bf for 8 months..just recently he has pulled away a bit and I am not sure why..I was texting him a bunch of times and he wasn’t replying so I started freaking out and eventually he responded and he was like I was at work, my phone was off, relaxxxx everything is fine..and then i felt extremely stupid so I apologized to try and make things better and he never accepted (or refused) my apology, so since that incident things have gone downhill…I keep telling myself I will wait for him to contact me but it is so hard because I really care about him..so last night I texted him and I said basically like do you want to stop seeing me just let me know and I swear I will leave you alone..and he responded by saying “wowww your driving my nuts” So its like he wont talk to me but he wont tell me its over either, so I dont know what to do..can you please help me? 🙁
        Sincerely, Christine

        RESPONSE: Your emotions are in overdrive a bit here, your insecurity with the situation is causing your reactions and responses. First you need to gain some understanding for yourself. Why are you so insecure? Do you doubt yourself? Have you received affirmation from your parents as to how much they love you? Is there an area of lack or of previous abuse that is rooted in your deep feelings. Take some time and review your inner self.

      5. 116
        Peter Says:

        I really appreciate your site its pretty encouraging and interesting.

        I have a girl,she broke up with her boyfriend last year August to the point of fixing a wedding date and we met september that same yr.We got things rolling up till December when i started noticing some changes in her like she doesnt text me regularly as she should and had to be painting it with some excuses. I asked what happen she said nothing,begged her if i have offended her in anyway she said no that i havent,that i am caring,loving and etc,that she needs to take her time and think about somethings.suddently her communication level started dropping via calls and text,i called her,let her know she is hurting me,she said if i feel she is hurting me then she doesnt know,though left me with that question mark,i got confused if she is seeing another man or something,cant just figured it out.no she no longer call nor text,she said she want to deal with it on her own.i later looked back into how we’ve been and due to her change i also changed a little even though i never liked it,i tried to make her see that she can be happy again forever,last time i called her she said she doesnt like what i’m doing that why i’m i personalizing the whole thing,that she can do whatever she likes right now,i dont know what to do now everyday i think about her leaving me in pain and suffering.

        COMMENT: The more you focus on yourself and your pain, the more you push her away. There may be some things going on in her life that you are unaware of, and that she is not ready to talk with you about, because you think everything is about you. Try to be a friend, be there for her and quit being so bloody needy.

      6. 115
        Queen Says:

        im 37 met this handsome loving man early last year and i thought this is man i’ve been looking for, after testing we had a beautiful sex life i got pregnant he was excited but i was very scared, during the whole process he was very supportive went with me to every doctor appointment but in the mean time i kept getting anonymous calls then one day this woman started swearing me telling me to leave her man alone since me and my boyfriend we very close i mentioned it to him he said it must be his ex, i trusted him and did not have any reason to doubt him on mother’s day she called again telling me that she has been staying with my boyfriend and she is pregnant i was devastated my daughter was two months then he said he stayed with her cause he was unemployed then and didn’t have a place to stay we broke up, after few weeks he begged telling me he loves me and he wants to be with me i forgave but still i knew this was wrong, he moved out of her place and went to stay with a friend i went there to see if its true and yes he stays there now this woman still keeps calling me and this is driving me crazy should i leave this man? please help

        COMMENT: There are choices in your life that you will have to make for yourself. However I will tell you that if you increase in wisdom, you will change your outcomes. Too many women jump into the sack with a man prior to marriage, only to become hurt later. Wise up, if a man loves you let him give you a ring, do not give yourself away until this time. CLEARLY… IF A MAN LOVES YOU AND VALUES YOU, LET HIM MARRY YOU!

      7. 114
        Isela Says:

        I have been dating a man for the past 3 years. I know he is not currently divorced, but he is living away from home and visits his two children and helps with finances as though he is divorced. However, I’ve asked him to speak out and let his family know about us. He tells me that he does not want his children despising me and chancing that he will hurt them. I don’t know what to do. I love him however, I don’t know if there ever will be a future for he and I? Every time I try and break it off I just can’t there is something holding me back. Is it because I am suppose to be there for him? Or is it stupidity?

        COMMENT: You know he is not currently divorced, which means he is still married right? Caution Flag, you have put yourself in a place of jeopardy, if a man is married, he is not single, he is not available. You need to quit thinking with your wallet, and with your emotions here, and use your brain. Simply put, you need to at least pull back to a place of safety for yourself, at least until a time that he is single, (if that should actually occur). When he is serious with you he can show you the divorce certificate, but you should not rush into this, (although you already have), because God does not want him to divorce, nor to commit adultery. And some of the past issues he has had in his married relationship will rise up once again in yours, unless you both seek wise counsel in advance. AND AGAIN: IF A MAN LOVES YOU AND VALUES YOU, LET HIM MARRY YOU!

      8. 113
        Schatzi Says:

        My boyfriends ex fiance showed up at his front door 2 weeks ago. We have never even had an argument. We were planning our future together and now he is confused. She left him 27 years ago, when she left him, he was hurt so bad he became addicted to drugs and took years to get clean. He is a very good man, however not confused and hurting. He tells me he is in love with me, but part of him loves her too. He says that he is torn and doesn’t know what to do. I told him that I love him enough that I just want him to be happy. We are officially still a couple, however, are not talking very much cause he says he needs time to clear his mind. I am hurt, but I do Love Him… I told him that we can work through this, but it has to be his decision. I am praying several times a day hoping he makes the decision to continue with our future. Just not sure what to do anymore.. Help…

        UNDERSTANDING, first he has a deep pain from his past that he does need to resolve, his deep emotions have stirred up, and and he is confused at some level due to those emotions. Even so, you might need point out to him that after 27 years he really does not know this person, and that you now question his love for you. You say she showed up at the door, are you currently living together? IF A MAN LOVES YOU LET HIM GIVE YOU A RING BEFORE YOU GIVE YOURSELF AWAY!

      9. 112
        Marissa Says:

        I am 30yrs old. I met this while working together. I’m a Training Store Restaurant Manager and he was one of my trainees. Our Relationship was strictly professional at first but then he started acting more personal, being way more attentive and sweet. We do not work for the same company, so Im not worried about mixing my feelings with my job. My question is how do I act towards him? I have suffered a lot because of failed relationships in the past and I have a lot of fears and doubts about Love in general. He is not married, no kids and apparently no relationship at the moment, though he receives many phone calls from women. Obviously I wont question that since we are not in a relationship yet. I have invite him out but he didn’t respond right away. He have mentioned that I intimidate him because of my Job. Please advice!!! Thanks

        COMMENT; You should inform him that you are not defined by your job, but by your essence, and for him it is the same. Secondly, let go of your doubts & fears, those are personal constraints that are hindering you. Understand this; because people are imperfect they will hurt each other in relationships, in this there is an opportunity to love each other with their shortcomings, and to love by way of forgiveness. You yourself have and will hurt someone, intentionally or not, it’s going to happen……this is where a couple needs to extend each other grace.

      10. 111
        Reyna Says:

        I am currently in this really weird situation in my relationship. My boyfriend and I have known each other for about 4 yrs………… ………………………………………………………………………………………………….So then again I let him stay to work it out. Now I just keep having thought and I sometimes just look at him like why am I even with you when you treat me this way and I feel hate. But then the next I can’t see how I can be with anybody else but him because we are so perfect together. Any advise as to what I should do at this point is very much appreciated. I have talked to friends and most say that I don’t deserve this and I should leave him because he will probably do that to me again. They say I am to beautiful and smart for him but the problem is I still love him with my all and I also may be pregnant. My period is late and even though we have been trying to get pregnant for a couple months I am now changing my mind and want to wait until we get married IF we ever make it work. I just don’t know how to proceed or what to do about the thoughts I get about him and his ex. Will I ever move on? Or should I just leave him and be happy alone? Please any kind of advise would help!!!! Sorry for the long post.

        COMMENT: It is not wise to live together prior to marriage, especially in a situation such as yours. IF A MAN LOVES YOU, LET HIM SHOW IT WITH A RING……and keep sex out of the equation until your honeymoon.

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