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      Ask Questions About Love, Questions About Relationships

      By Guide

      It is said that the only stupid questions that you ask, are the ones you never asked. The sole intent of this section is so you may ask the burning questions you have desired to be answered. The answers to your questions about love and relationships may be given on this page, so please return to this section after a couple of days. It is also possible that we may take the questions you are asking and use them as a topic to write an article on. Whatever the case may be, we will attempt to supply answers that are useful to you.

      Often times people want to hear the answers the way they want them, that is not going to happen here. Be prepared to accept answers that are answered out of love. Love will not tell you what you want to hear, but rather what you need to discover. Sometimes the questions that people are asking are more complex than they appear, therefore the answers you receive may be multifaceted.

      Please note that the relationship questions you are asking will appear in ascending order, 15 questions per page, thus you will may need to scroll to the bottom of this page and click to the next page in order to see the question you asked about, as well as it’s corresponding answer.


      Topics: Love Questions | 158 Comments »

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      158 Responses to “Ask Questions About Love, Questions About Relationships”

      1. Kierra Says:
        February 7th, 2013 at 4:33 pm

        My friend of 9 months says he likes me a LOT but is not in love with me. We did things that people do in a relationship all the time. Saw each other every day, always around each others family, text and talked all day long, he spent time with my son, it was all perfect. We even decided to cut all of out other friends off so that we could work towards a relationship. Well things sort of changed. We began to argue a lot. Our work schedules made it hard for us to see each other but when we would have time to be together, he would already have plans with his family. Hes a BIG family guy, so this kinda stared arguing and conflict. He invited me around his family but no female wants to be around his 20 guy cousins watching football and talking around the barn fire ALL THE TIME. He recently said that maybe we should take a step back and just be friends but he doesnt want me out his life completely. He said that I did everything a man could ask for so I shouldnt blame myself that hes just not “READY”. What should i do? How can I be friends with someone I love? Ive stop answering his text because its confusing to me. Should I go with the flow and be his friend until he is ready or should i just cut him off completely? Its been a week and I still cry. Its so hard and I miss him so much but being just a friend seems impossible right now. Its like he cares about me and my son a lot but just isnt ready to be serious. Funny thing is this is the same reason him and his previous friend stop talking. She got tired of just being a friend. So what should I do? Continue to be a friend to him without being around him or just go my separate way…..I mean i did everything for him, cooked, clean, take him lunch to work, cracked jokes all day long, I was there whenever he needed me but his response is always “Its not you, ITS ME. Im just not READY” *sighs* help me please

        REPLY: Answering your question would be enlightening: “How can I be friends with someone I love?” Now, think about that some…. How can you NOT be friends with someone you love? You say you did everything a man could ask for, really? Do you really know what that would entail? Most women try to love a man the way a woman thinks it should be done, but in order to love someone, you need to love them where they need it, not where you think is best. Now, did you give yourself away as well? Did the last girl do that as well? Is there a pattern in my questioning?

      2. Johanne Says:
        February 22nd, 2013 at 10:15 pm

        I’m 20 years old and I’ve been dating this boy for almost half a year now, and he’s so nice and wonderful to me, and i care about him more than i’ve cared for any other boy, but theres still a part of me that longs to be single. I love having my independence and feel that I’m so young that i should enjoy being young and single and not get into anything that’s too serious. Our relationship is good, but stresses me out because i can tell its getting more and more serious and i don’t know if I’m ready for this kind of relationship, but, i do really, really care for him, and he’s not only someone i think of romantically, but i also think of him as a good friend. I’m very torn and confused and would like some advice. Should I ignore these feelings and tell myself I’m being stupid, or am should i break of the relationship because I’m really just not ready for this a serious relationship?

        REPLY: You fear that you will have to give up some freedoms by deepening your relationship. What freedoms might these be? You should get honest with yourself! You could miss out on a beautiful long lasting relationship because your focus was on yourself. What if the guy was with another woman tomorrow? How would you feel about that? Would you still be worrying about your freedoms?

      3. John Says:
        March 31st, 2013 at 8:36 am

        I am a university student. I dated my junior and during that duration, I treated her with the best of my ability. But I made 1 fatal mistake. I teased her too much. She broke up with me last few weeks. Ever since then, I can’t concentrate in everything. I cannot afford to lose her. I had force myself to let go and move on. But I really can’t do it. She had been ignoring me till now. She meant so much to me. Please… I need her… I need help..

        REPLY: Well, what did you tease her about? Belittling was it? You want her back, be honest and admit that you need help in dealing with your shortcoming. Then, get on your hands and knees and ask for forgiveness.

      4. akhil Says:
        April 1st, 2013 at 5:00 am

        hello everyone,

        I am an asian student in some usa university. i really like a girl over there, she is a pretty good friend of mine but she has a boyfriend. I really like her, in fact i have drawn 2 very beautiful paintings for her. I just wanted to know should i give those paintings to her or not, will it affect my friendship with her as she has a boyfriend. Moreover i am very shy and that she is from different country, i feel very less confident about her. But i really like her, i just hope if she doesn’t become my girlfriend, she at least becomes a very good friend of mine. Your help will be highly appreciated.

        Thank YOU

        REPLY: Your fear of rejection is standing in your way, this is something you need to overcome. In life you will face rejection,
        you need to learn how to cope with it. A rejection is a re-direction, rejection deflects you to another place. Look, love gives without strings attached, so give her the paintings without any expectations. That without substance can enter where there is no room.

      5. Marissa Says:
        April 18th, 2013 at 5:38 pm

        I’ve been dating a guy for 8 months now and the way things are going I can tell we will be together for a long time. But a few nights ago I hung out with a guy friend and we watched a movie and I slept over at his house. Sleeping over wasn’t planned we just happened to fall asleep. Nothing happened at all we didn’t even cuddle or anything. I dont want anything to happen between me and my guy friend, i am in love with my boyfriend. But I feel so guilty cause if my boyfriend knew i slept over it would kill him. I don’t know what to do now. Like nothing happened and I’m not attracted to my friend so should I still tell my boyfriend? Im just scared it will damage our relationship, Or should I just leave it since nothing happened and its just a friend?

        REPLY: Well if you are so worried about this, how did you let yourself end up in this situation? WHY ARE YOU WITH ANOTHER GUY WHEN YOU SAY YOUR IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE? Time to get honest with yourself.

      6. Dom Says:
        May 17th, 2013 at 8:24 pm

        I need some serious advice. i don’t know if its just me or if its natural. Me and a girl, we are in love.We are in college and have been together for 1 year now. Whenever i see her, i have an urge to hug and kiss her. I want her to be close to me, to touch me. We have been intimate twice or thrice. Is it okay to have the urge to be intimate whenever she is with me alone? I thought she too thought so but have now discovered that it was not the case. She had expressed it openly recently. Is it okay for me to feel so or is there some problem with me?

      7. Guide Says:
        May 26th, 2013 at 1:15 pm

        REPLY: You lust her, there is nothing in what you say that has to do with love,
        only sexual attraction, & sexual attraction is pretty natural. However, a meaningful
        relationship it does NOT make.

      8. james Says:
        July 9th, 2013 at 9:26 pm

        There is this female who I care about deeply I found out she has stage 4 cancer of her ovaries she hasn’t told me I have facebooked her and text message her no response she doesn’t know that I know what gives?

        COMMENT: Stop thinking about why she isn’t contacting you, it’s not about you. Consider what she must be going thru, what if you had stage 4 cancer of your testicles?

      9. Ash Says:
        March 31st, 2014 at 11:04 am

        Haha only if you can be bothered reading…

        So I’m Wondering about this guy, when we first met we were 13 in High School, he’s complimented me over the years and stood up for me in some kind of way, and also touched me once, and also chatted very few times. And now we are 16.

        Okay now i have been known to be the shy, quiet, unpopular girl, and he is like the popular, loud, outgoing guy… He’s like loud in class and “tries to be funny” i guess but this is usually when he’s with his friends, when he’s alone he is fine, i know because i have experienced it^^.
        Alright… the things i have noticed is that every Athletics that i’ve had he has always stared/looked at me, eg: This year he would look over at me a lot from a distance on the field, he would look then look away then look and then look away… but never approach or talk to me.
        Also his friend told my friends that he liked me and i asked my friend to tell him if he liked me in any way, and he replied with a no. So if his friend was “joking?” then i dont know why they would of made it up about me and nobody else. He’s had girlfriends over the past but they were popular and outgoing.

        Also i think i noticed him smile at me when we were walking past to change classes and he was alone at the time, and seen him from far away looking at me in a crowed, and maybe i have seen his feet pointing in my direction too. Thing is he is loud in class and asks a lot of questions he sits at the back with his friends, like i have always thought he was the shy guy because he’s not doing anything but by him doing all this then… i have no clue.

        But honestly i just don’t know what’s going on right now… i kinda wanna know, and im confused So hmm is there a sign that he likes me or?

        COMMENT: You are looking really hard, perhaps too hard, your statement; “maybe i have seen his feet pointing in my direction too” might be a bit overboard you know? A suggestion, next time you catch him staring at you, why don’t you wave him over and ask him about it? Or perhaps put out your arms to your sides as if to say; “what are you waiting for?” Either of those may clear some confusion.

      10. Celine Says:
        April 4th, 2014 at 11:12 pm

        I don’t understand this, This guy is being rude/mean or a smartass to me, when honestly i didn’t do anything, sometimes he will single me out, or make me feel uncomfortable or insecure by what he says. We are both 16 going on 17 like i thought he would of matured a bit because he is nice to everybody else that i’ve noticed. He either get’s along with them or is friends with them, im a shy and quiet person, and hes loud and popular. Its weird because his friend said he liked me and when my friend asked him if it were true he said no, so maybe he’s giving them the intention that he doesn’t like me because he doesnt want to get found out, or is just trying to be “cool/tough?.” And it makes me feel like he is noticing me, when he’s making those slightly rude or smart remarks. Also he looks at me a lot, and he lent up against a wall when i was standing around, but we never talk, and if he does make a rude comment id what to say or it doesnt give me enough time to come up with something, and really it’s just out of blue, so like im never expecting that it’s going to happen. Help? :S

        COMMENT: Anyone who degrades or belittles others is someone to avoid, and ignore. People like that do not make for good relationships.

      11. Melody Amber Says:
        June 2nd, 2014 at 5:55 am

        I still love my ex dont know what to do.

        Comment: Did you do something that you need to make right? Did you let him know how you feel? Have you tried to contacting him?

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