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      Does He Love Me? Does She? Signs He or She Loves You

      By Guide

      In the representation of feelings towards others, actions really speak louder than words. Often time’s people say things that are not backed up by their behavior. Many people will use deceptive tactics that are in their own best interests, in order to achieve their own personal desires. It takes time to get to know someone and more importantly to get a clear view of their character, you can not read a book by it’s cover. Take that into consideration the next time you encounter a salesman, especially those who make their income based upon commission. If someone is trying to push you into something that you are not feeling comfortable with, it’s generally going to be motivated by selfishness.

      What are some of the things you can look for in order to know if someone really cares or has interest in you? In the beginning of a potential relationship you should look for the simple things, like are they attempting to contact you in some fashion? Understand that if someone calls you they had to be thinking of you first in order to initiate the call. The same thing goes with an email, a text message, or even a card in the mail. Hopefully, in this stage, their intent is to get to know you on a friendship level. In the dating stages you should be looking to see if his or her interests are reflective of their behavior. Take your time and determine if they are content with talking to you on the phone, see if he or she truly enjoys and appreciates those kinds of opportunities.

      When you are together with someone ascertain if he or she is enjoying being with you, or if they are trying to initiate something beyond spending quality time with you. Remember that there are many people who may find you physically attractive and they may wish to pursue that aspect of a relationship. The physical aspect of a relationship should be reserved for the substantial bonding of marital bliss. Understand that your judgment will be clouded by your emotions if you allow physical intimacy into your relationship foundation. You want a guy or a gal that is enjoying your companionship and fellowship. Get a feeling for his or her desire to associate with you as a buddy or pal. Let go of all those romantic dreams and fantasies until the relationship has matured enough to warrant it.

      As time goes along determine by their actions if he or she is looking forward to making contact with you on a daily basis. The more time you spend together in communication and in companionship, the greater your bonding. Determine if he or she is putting off other things in order to make room to spend quality time with you. Are they going out of their way to be with you? Or are you feeling like you have been put on a shelf while he or she is pursuing other interests?

      Another thing to look for are the things that he or she may be willing to do for you, as well as the gifts they may give you, (as long as it does not appear that they are trying to buy you). Generally if a guy brings you flowers or other small gifts that is a positive. However if it appears as though he is trying to impress you with his financial wealth in some manner, that might say to proceed with caution. Look for simple things, like are they trying to help you accomplish things that are important to you? If you tell him or her that your car needs washing, do they ask if they can assist you? If he or she did, it would establish a positive intent. If they are going grocery shopping do they ask if they can pick anything up for you? Remember it’s the thought that counts, and these kinds of actions may demonstrate an otherness mindset.

      Actions are far more likely to demonstrate true intentions than are words, words are cheap. She wants to know, does he love me? Either may want to know when to say I love you and both probably want to hear it. Ladies, if he loves you, let his words be backed up by his actions, let him get you a ring! Don’t give yourselves up prematurely, if you do it will cost you significant emotional pain, keep your self respect and your dignity. Guys if she really loves you, she’ll say yes when you give her the ring.

      We must show love through actions that are sincere, not through mere empty words. 1 John 3:18

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      Topics: Thoughtful Ideas | 33 Comments »

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      33 Responses to “Does He Love Me? Does She? Signs He or She Loves You”

      1. crystal Says:
        April 12th, 2011 at 7:26 am

        Hi Jon,
        Nice ideas.. I always read your daily newsletters. I had a friend we were once close to each other and i knew he cared about me because even when he went away abroad for studies he still kept in touch.He always said he cares.we are still separated for 4years now we haven’t seen each other.the communication gets fainter n now he barely call n reply just when i write.except for my birthday anniversary when he willingly sends me a mail…i often ask myself if its because he knows i love him dearly (even though we didnt sleep with each other)he says he cares but hadly writes nor call.anyway i asked him if he wants to guit being good friends, because the writing on the wall is so clear,but he hasn’t responded to that email until now.
        I hope i made the right decision by stopping the communication!!

        RESPONSE: Well one way to prevent communication is by submitting an email address to us that is inaccurate. With regards to your comments, (1st paragraph), I will suggest to you that if someone loves you they will show it in their actions. If a man wants to pursue a relationship he will do so in a manner that should be quite obvious, and attempting to communicate in a regular fashion would be a prerequisite. God has someone for you, and the closer you get to God, the closer you will get to the Godly man God has intended for you.

      2. Alisha Says:
        October 26th, 2011 at 8:07 pm

        I have male male friend which have known him for nearly 22 years and both of us married already. Recently, we keep texting each other & out of blues, I fall for him and confront to him but he advise me to take it slowly because we live in a small country where peoples easily knows. SO now, when i ask him if he doesn’t want me to fall deeper for him, i want him to tell me but he didn’t say anything. I already have informed him that i will let go my feelings towards him cz i don’t want my good relationship ruin due to my stupidness. I know its wrong since i have husband but i cant control it. he is very nice/caring guy which maybe of that i fall for him. Now, my heart hurt & what shall i do now. pls advise. Thanks.

        RESPONSE: The water is greener where you water it, not on another pasture. You can control yourself and you should consider the selfishness that is consuming you.

      3. Hemmal Dena Says:
        May 11th, 2012 at 3:29 am

        Located your article pretty appealing in truth. I actually appreciated looking at it so you make quite some great points. I am going to bookmark this website with the long run! Relly great write-up.

      4. chavelle Says:
        June 25th, 2012 at 10:30 am

        i got pregnant for a guy a year and a half ago, and things have running a bit roughly between us cuz he cheats a lot and insist that i am the one he loves recently he met a white girl and he says he’s only with her because of the money. i just can’t wrap my head around all that. he also says he’s doing it for the both of us in case he travels he would help me and his son what do you think i should do stay or leave him cuz i am so confused

        REPLY: Think with your head and not with your emotions. There is a reason you can’t wrap your head around all that, it’s because your head knows better. Let him give you a ring and a certificate of marriage, or let him pay child support, (you should consider getting legal custody of the child).

      5. Jasmine Italroz Says:
        November 6th, 2012 at 5:14 am

        I agree with Kerian statement that "My boyfriend cares a lot for me but I am not convinced it is love." I don't know why, but still I can't say that he loves me that much. Because every time we have some misunderstanding, he always said that he will leave me. But it only happens when we have any misunderstanding. But when we are okey, he's so good to me and he cares me a lot. I sometimes wonder if is it love that he feels on me? Why he can able to say that he will going to leave me then? Sounds confusing, but I really need your advice..

        RESPONSE: Real love is steady, not like a light switch that is turned on and off. However, people tend to say and do stupid things when they are NOT in control of their emotions. Most people do not really know what love is, too many people think it’s just something they receive. Love is always giving, it is never self centered. Maturity could be an issue at some level, but so could be wisdom.

      6. Sofia Says:
        December 22nd, 2012 at 8:14 am

        Ok so I’m really confused right now! Been with my bf for 2 nd half years, I got mad at him recently nd wanted to break up. Becsuse I only see him once a week, and he’s always rushing to come home after we have sex he said he needs to come home bcoz his mom is gonna bugg on him nd shit then this time he said he needs to get a haircut he needs to call his hairdresser I’m like dude seriously your haircut is more important than me? I kno he’s pretty busy. Am I selfish? To get mad nd break up bcos of it. Then later on he said sorry, he’s like sorry for not loving you enough? What does that even mean! Ugh he said I was his first Gf nd everything he’s family oriented he’s albanian nd I’m Asian his parents doesn’t like me bcos I’m Asian. He said he loves me I don’t believe it anymore I’m super confused idk if I still wnna be with him of if its goin to work. I love him more than anything in this world.

        COMMENT: If you give a man what he wants, sex, he will happily take it, and then when the need arises he will come again. Do you like to be used for sex? How about you wait for a ring and a certificate of marriage?

      7. Elizabeth Says:
        January 9th, 2013 at 9:48 am

        Hi, your article is helping. i am in love with a man for three years now, at first it was so good. He was married man but was having a problem in their marriage coz of the wife who use to cheat on him, late he fall in love with me and than we stay but he did apply for a divorce in 2009 May. from last year when ever i sms him he dont reply but reply sometime. but we are far from each other, and he only call when he come to me. and now i think he doesnt love me anymore or is it because he’s in his divorce process and dont want to be destept but he use to tell me that he dont rush for a person he love. pls advise me do you think he love’s me?

        COMMENT: A person is not single and AVAILABLE as long as they are married. Secondly, the wife used to cheat on him? What is he doing with you? What is that called exactly? Keep your distance from anyone who still has a married relationship, it’s not healthy for you.

      8. Elsie Says:
        February 4th, 2013 at 5:27 pm

        Hi! My boyfriend and i we’ve been together now nearly two months and he wanted to have sex with me but i’m scared because one day i’m scared if we broke up each other and i really love him but he said he can wait coz sex is not important for him then he said he always like me.then he is on holiday at the moment for a month i thought he is not gonna keep in touch with me coz he is busy with his family.but when i got his text. i was so happy.do you think he likes me?thanks. elsie

        REPLY: Sex should be kept out of the relationship until marriage, if he really loves you, let him give you a ring. If you give yourself up prematurely you could very well end up with a broken heart, which would partially be by your own undoing.

      9. Brittany Says:
        March 27th, 2013 at 12:27 am

        I think me posting this might sound stupid to you but i’m really lost… I met someone where i go to school and he was great. we use to talk all the time but i lost service on my phone and we cut off contact for awhile. He left the school and graduated last weekend, and he asked me if i wanted to hangout with him, so i did. I thought what we did was in the heat of the moment so it was okay… later i resumed service on my phone and now i haven’t heard anything from him. i wanted and still want to pursue a relationship with him but I honestly don’t know what to do. I’ve been backing off thinking that might help but i have no clue what I’m doing, he’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever met and he’s never done this before…

        REPLY: What did you do in the “heat of the moment”? I hope you did not give yourself away. Instead of playing cat and mouse, why don’t start by calling him? … Hey, how are you?

      10. Alexis Says:
        May 22nd, 2014 at 3:14 am

        I have a male friend he told me he loved me and when I say something like I don’t believe you he gets mad. What does that mean?

        REPLY: If he truly loves you, let him get you a ring.

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