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      Dream About You, Dreaming About People, Me Dreaming Of You

      By Guide

      Many people have this romantic dreaming bubble that gets all excited when someone dreams about them. Women dream about boyfriends, (dreaming of or about him), men dream about girlfriends, (dreaming of or about her), I dream about you, and you dreamed about me. We often dream about people in our lives, and our dreams often include the people who are closest to us, but in our dreams those people are of a symbolic nature. Often times the term dreaming of you is used in a romantic context, however to be in someone else’s dreams generally does not have anything to do with you. Sorry, but no matter how good looking you are, when you are in someone else’s dreams, it’s not about you.

      99 percent of all dreams have to do with the dreamer, the person who is doing the dreaming. Our dreams flow out of the context of our personal lives. Dreams come from the deep places within, they document our deep feelings and emotions in our daily lives and invite us to deal with our own emotional content. The voices, things, images, symbols and people we dream of are metaphorical. The biggest mistake that is made when interpreting dreams comes from our own belief that what we see in the dream is real, it’s not real, it’s in a dream. A dream is attempting to reveal something to us about our own selves. What we see in our dreams are symbolic to us and no one else, that is why it is important for you not to project your own interpretations upon other peoples dreams. Moreover, it is significantly important not to rush off for a dreamers dictionary to interpret your own dreams. They are your dreams, the person who wrote the dream book was not dreaming your dream, you were.

      The single biggest key to interpreting your dreams comes from you. Everything you see in your dreams has a symbolic meaning that is related to you and your emotional content. Consider this, what do you think of when I say the word cat? Something of a personal nature, thought, or opinion came to mind. If you asked that question of 25 friends you would find differing answers. One may have thought of their own cat, "Fluffy", another may have thought of the smell of cat litter, and yet another may have voiced their desire to have a cat. Some may have had the same answer, but you would find that the answers were of a personal nature that came from them, not from a dreaming dictionary, or someone else’s interpretation. The thing about dream dictionaries is that you do not know what influenced the person to write the book, nor do you know the source of their own influence. What you do know is that they were not writing a book about your dreams.

      Your dreams are attempting to reveal something to you about yourself. The symbolic meanings of the images in your dreams may deal with your own fears, struggles, guilt’s, shames, frustrations or joys. You need to distinguish what the things or people in your dreams symbolize to you. Dreams are, more often than not, a realm of personal discovery reserved for the dreamer alone. There are those who may be able to help you to decipher your dreams, but you need to consider their source, as even therapists project their own personal beliefs onto patients. If those people are not connected to the dream giver, then there conclusions will likely have an oblique or slanting direction or position. The memory of my song comes back to me in the night; my thoughts are moving in my heart; my spirit is searching with care. Psalm 77:6 (Your heart knows what your mind is not conscience of).

      There is stuff going on in your daily lives that activate issues deep down that you do not want to deal with while you are awake. Due to that, you are left with remnants that are trying to speak to you through your own dreams. So you need to first look at the symbolic meanings of the things, people, and objects in your dreams, and then consider what you have been dealing with in your awaken states that have left you with those dream remnants. In more general terms, what has been the context of your emotional dealings while you are awake? What’s going on in your life right now? You have deeply held emotions that are connected and bound in the deepest places of your spirit.

      Dreams can be quite fleeting, so keep in mind that the most important dreams are generally those that you have just before you wake up, or those that actually wake you up, such as a nightmares. If you are woken up by a nightmare it is attempting to evoke an awareness in you of higher significance. Because dreams can be difficult to remember, you need to have an awareness about your waking speed. If you awaken too quickly, you may forget them. With that in mind, write the dream down when you wake up or use a voice recorder to tell what your dream was about.

      Once you have the dream documented carefully analyze each person, place, thing, and area within the dream. Determine what each of those means to you. If you dreamed about your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse ask yourself what they represent to you. If there was a wall in your dream, ask yourself what that represents. If you where in a hallway, a hotel, a bank, or a house do the same thing. Methodically break down your dream piece by piece to obtain each metaphorical meaning. Don’t overlook things like doors, stop and ask yourself what the door represents, was it opened or closed, was it locked? When you have completed that, rewrite your dream by replacing the symbols with your own meanings. A short example for me might be; "I was walking down a hallway…. revised to; I was walking down a transition.

      Once you have the dream rewritten with the metaphorical meanings, analyze what has been going on in your recent life, because somehow it’s all connected. Your deeply held emotions and feelings are attempting to arouse an awareness in you through your dreams. There is some stuff that you are not willing to accept about yourself while you are awake, that is deeper down in your soul, that is attempting to emerge while you are sleeping. Your dreams can help you to free yourself of inner blockages.

      So now when people come to you and say I had a dream about you or I was dreaming of you, you can first tell them that the dream is about you, it’s not about me. You can tell them that you represent something to them in their dream. See, people dream of death and they dream of snakes but it’s not real, so it’s not a literal meaning. They dream about you, and you may dream about people as well, but no matter what’s going on the content is not actual or factual, it’s insubstantial 99 percent of the time.

      Indeed God speaks once, Or twice, yet no one notices it. In a dream, a vision of the night, When sound sleep falls on men, While they slumber in their beds, Then He opens the ears of men, And seals their instruction, That He may turn man aside from his conduct, And keep man from pride; He keeps back his soul from the pit, And his life from passing over into Sheol. Job 33:14-18

      So can God speak to you in a dream? Absolutely, but you must be careful not to run off thinking that everything you dream about people is going to take on a manifestation of some kind, the dream is revealing something about you, to you. Dreams can also be preparatory, you can have precognitive dreams which may protect you or give you information that you need to know ahead of time, but they are rare. You should not get all spooky over a dream about people, your dreams are not real and rarely are your dreams going to be visionary. Now some may say that they have prophetic dreams and that those dreams come true. They get all serious over a dream about you, and come to you and tell you about the dream. They project their dream onto you and you go around believing it. Stop those people before they go projecting their dream and their deep emotional content onto you, unless you know them to be a prophet from God.

      How precious also are Thy thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand. When I awake, I am still with Thee. Psalm 139:17-18

      It is vain for you to rise up early, To retire late, To eat the bread of painful labors; For he gives to His beloved even in his sleep. Psalm 127:2


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      2 Responses to “Dream About You, Dreaming About People, Me Dreaming Of You”

      1. I Love You ยป Sleeping Matters; Why Sleep Is Important In Your Relationships Says:
        July 27th, 2009 at 11:06 pm

        There are some people who have incurred emotional bruisings and deep emotional cuts from experiences of different levels that need time and sleep to help them heal. But some of them continue with the shorter sleeping cycles that hinder the therapeutic benefits of sleep. Sleep is a natural built in remedy for soothing, comforting, and restoring many of our emotional irritations…

      2. Naomi H. Says:
        July 22nd, 2010 at 12:44 pm

        Bravo! Great article!

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