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      You Are Out Of This World, You Are All That!

      By Guide

      You are out of this world! Doesn’t that sound good? It feels good too when you hear something like that from your partner or spouse. And when they show it like they say it, it’s like pure sweetness all around. The real truth is that you are out of this world! You are all that and a bread basket! Your value exceeds your own knowledge much of the time. How and why can this be said of you? Well because it’s true!

      You are as unique as your fingerprint, nobody can fill your shoes, or even come close to playing the part in the the greatest blockbuster movie production you will ever know. That movie is called, "Your Life", and you are the star of it. You are a part of a puzzle that can never be completed without you in it! The puzzle could be huge, there could be thousands of other pieces, and they are all going to be waiting for the real you to show up!

      You are highly significant, fully worthy, a chosen asset beyond your own imagination. The only thing stopping you from reaching the heights of your deepest desires is the doubt that is seeded by the envy, jealousy, stuckness, or victimhoods of others. Many people do not want to rise up above their comfort zones, so they attempt to hold you down with them. They don’t want to chase their dream star, so they do not want you to have yours either!

      Don’t listen to those sinister voices that whisper in your ear, you are not a failure, those voices are just trying to keep you from becoming what you are intended to be. Understand that those people and those things attempt to come against you in order to try to keep you from your destination. Why? Because they are afraid of your gifts, talents, and abilities. That is the sole reason why you come against opposition, the opposition is afraid of your greater capacity! You have more than enough, you are more than enough, you only need to believe it.

      You may be thinking at this point, what does this have to do with relationships? How you perceive yourself drastically impacts your attitude, your demeanor, your ability to handle stress, and your reactions to all sorts of situations. Your level of self value effects your relationships, your job, everybody you come in contact with, and your ability to meet new challenges. Don’t just think positive, be positive, behave positive, and look for the positive.

      Think about this; when something less than desirable happens, how quick are you to relive previous memories in a manner that abruptly says; "look something bad is happening to me again?" Your perception may immediately go to the negative prospect due to your overall feelings about yourself. Your own opinion of yourself can short circuit a situation into a poor experience, all do to your own reaction, based solely upon your own internal representation. Sometimes our circumstances are teaching us endurance, and are actually helping us to increase and overcome our own lack of personal confidence. Once you get over the mountain top, your perception and confidence will have changed.

      Those who are more secure in who they really are, will better handle things such as constructive criticism. They won’t react from feelings of inadequacy in their situations. However, those who are less secure may react defensively to a comment, (a truth), that is intended on being productive. In your relationship, your spouse may say something that you take offense to, due to your own lack of personal value. Your emotional reaction then may be of a poor nature that comes to your personal value defense. That emotional reaction may then ignite the tossing of hurt arrows between you, all due to your inability to accept your imperfections, and your desire to be perfect, because of your perceived lack of personal significance. It is healthy to admit and accept, since you are human, that you are imperfect. Imperfection only means that you have the capacity for growth, it does not effect your significance as a person. If you try to model perfection, you will only let yourself down, and align yourself up for feelings inadequacy.

      Even though we are in continuous growth cycles, we are valuable. Everybody has unique personal characteristics, gifts, talents, and abilities that are intended for specific purposes. It’s to fit in as a puzzle piece to a greater complex design. Each person has special strengths that contain great value, this is one reason to avoid getting caught up in a life of money chasing. Because the money chase will lead you away from your design. If you first move in your design, the rest will follow, including your overall feeling of significance. There are men who could not hit the side of a barn with a golf ball, but those same men might be better at hitting a little nail with a hammer. Sometimes it’s just a matter of you finding your groove, your niche, where your inner design manifests into the bigger picture in order to come to a level of personal understanding. There are also those who need to quit beating themselves up, if you can’t bake a cake, buy it. Then simply look into other realms until you find your lifes bulls eye. The puzzle is waiting for your significance to show up, show out, and show off! You are out of this world, you are all that, you just may not realize where all that is just yet.

      So how do you begin to find your place in the masters design? Get a pen, a piece of paper, and sit down in quietness. Listen to your inner longings, those deep desires, the sounds of the passion within you. Then write down the ten things you want to do and or have in combination. The place of unfolding is within you, because what you really seek is the manifestation of your hearts desire, (not your minds desire). You already have what you seek, you are out of this world, and you are all that!


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      2 Responses to “You Are Out Of This World, You Are All That!”

      1. 1
        Dan Says:

        This is true about YOU, Dear Friend!
        YOU are an incredible human being blessed with a brilliant mind,
        an expectant heart and a gracious spirit. Your faith is an inspiration,
        your wisdom is insightful and your generosity is exemplary!

        Blessings & Prayers!

      2. 2
        Dan Says:

        Blessings and Joy to you this day & everyday!

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