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      Best Wedding Places, Top Wedding Locations In The US

      By Guide

      The best wedding places in the U.S. are going to be the ones that best fulfill your wedding needs, not the places that many companies want to sell you. The best possible locations should be ones that the bride and groom have considered carefully. The wedding is the bride and groom’s day, they should be the main focus. Choosing a place to get married should combine their preferences as a couple.

      When considering your wedding day location you should first deliberate on the type of environment you would like. As a couple, do you prefer to have an indoor or outdoor wedding? If you decide you would like an outdoor wedding, you should contemplate the seasonal aspects of some preferred outdoor wedding locations. Either way, you might like to come up with a list together and then contemplate the other aspects of your wedding. I know, for many women this is an extremely special day, that’s why many women refer to it as "my wedding day". It’s not just the brides day, you should be considering each other now, it’s a relationship that is going to be in full bloom. With that being said, there are probably many men that will tell their fiancé to do as they like, as if it does not matter to them. Many men sacrifice on their wedding day out of love, which is grand, love does sacrifice in relationships, however love needs to sacrifice in tandem. You are going to be partners, you might as well start behaving with otherness.

      Both partners may have varied opinions and desires with regards to size preferences, and you may need to do some compromising. You should probably be asking each other if your wedding is going to be full of family and friends, is it going to be a select few, or are you looking for wedding places to elope? Once you have defined some of these aspects of your wedding day, you will be better able to compile a list of wedding places that best fit your desires and needs.

      You may be looking for wedding places in California, Georgia, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, Colorado, Houston, Arizona, Oregon, Michigan or Hawaii. One suggested list for the best wedding locations suggests the following top ten wedding places:

      1. Hawaii
      2. Las Vegas
      3. Florida
      4. California
      5. Texas
      6. Georgia
      7. Virginia
      8. New York
      9. North Carolina
      10. Colorado

      Almost certainly, any travel agent you talk to would be quite happy to set you up with a wedding package in Hawaii! Whether that be on the big island of Hawaii, the island of Kauai, Maui, or Oahu. They can most likely connect you with Hawaiian wedding coordinators that will offer you many different wedding packages for your review. Hawaii would certainly be a beautiful place for a wedding and a dream honeymoon.

      For many couples the allure of Las Vegas makes for a perfect wedding location. Perhaps it’s due to the level of entertainment, the lights that glitter throughout the night, or perhaps the conveyance of many inexpensive, but popular wedding chapels. Most wedding ceremonies in these chapels will only last about 10 minutes, you should be aware of that before choosing a chapel wedding location in Las Vegas. Just to name a few of these chapels; there is the Little Church of the West, the Graceland Chapel, The Little White Chapel, The Grove, and The Little Chapel Of the Flowers, (which was featured in Brides magazine as the one with the most attractive decor).

      Due to Florida’s sub-tropical climate, it is suggested that you plan your outdoor weddings from January to April or from October to December. These are typically the months that have less rain and cooler temperatures. One very unique wedding place would be one that is located at the launch site of a hot air balloon. The ceremony is then followed by a one hour sunrise balloon flight over Orlando. Florida is also home for many beach wedding locations as well as sunset cruise weddings.

      California offers a wide variety of wedding places to choose from. Pictured at the top of this page is image of a couple getting married in Emerald Bay, at South Lake Tahoe. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and the costs are quite affordable. You might also choose to take a wedding cruise out of Zephyr cove resort. Of course you might like a beach wedding in San Diego, a Golden Gate wedding in San Francisco, or perhaps choose to be married in the beautiful wine country.

      There are just too many places to list for wedding locations, however MSN listed the following as the "Best Places to Get Married" in their "best of" series:

      Central Park – New York, N.Y.
      Chapel of Love – Bloomington, Minn.
      Columbia Gorge Hotel – Hood River Oregon
      Disneyland – Anaheim, Calif.
      Empire State Building – New York, N.Y.
      Graceland Wedding Chapel – Las Vegas
      Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel – Las Vegas, Nev.
      Palace of Fine Arts – San Francisco.
      Philadelphia Zoo – Philadelphia, Pa.
      Westin Beach Resort – Key Largo Fla.

      You can do some searching on the internet for wedding places or wedding locations in your area, you will find many listings and many companies who want to sell you their wedding packages. Take your time and find the one that best fits your needs:

      Custom Search


      You might also find the book "100 Best U.S. Wedding Destinations" quite helpful in narrowing your wedding locations down to your ultimate wedding place:



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