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    Top Ten Ways Boyfriends Can Say I Love You

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      Top Ten Ways Men Can Say I Love You, (For Boyfriends)

      By Guide

      So guys, boyfriends,  what do you think are the top ten ways to say I love you? How can you show the deepest form of love to your girlfriend? Well you could show her love by respecting her, by being selfless and considerate of her needs. You could show her that your words are not merely utterances of your tongue. You could say I love you by showing her in a meaningful way that you enjoy her as a companion and as a partner. You could practice love by intenty seeking to aquire more knowledge about love, to be more loving, and in your growth exhibit those love characteristics. You could take the time and read all the articles on this website about relationships and love. And you could give up some freedoms that you have had while you have been a single man.

      Below are 10 great ideas for you to not only say I love you but to make a commitment  to love your girlfriend by means of unification. Remember that you need to show love through your actions, by meeting your girlfriend, (perhaps fiancee), at the place of her emotional needs. This means taking time out to be with her, to do things with her that she enjoys, to be supportive, to engage with her in conversation, and to focus on your relationship together. To say I love you is to say that your heart’s desire is to have a lifelong engagement though the companionship of marriage. You might consider reading this again if you feel like you may missed the top ten ways to say I love you, or you could pick one of the ten sparkling effects listed below. Teenagers, you are invited to view the romantic promise rings.


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      One Response to “Top Ten Ways Men Can Say I Love You, (For Boyfriends)”

      1. Miguel Says:
        October 3rd, 2008 at 5:52 am

        Dear Guide, your articles are fantastic. I will appreciate if you can edit an article of “How danger, colapsing, risky can be a love at distance, how insecure, fading, can be that love. For instance; my girfriend and I are “part time lovers” I want some kind of commitment, she don’t worry so much we are no kids any more, we meet for short time once or twice a year. I love her so much, she say, she love me too. This situation is going for five years now. Besides the reasons, I will like you give some advice in this matter. I believe that lover has to be together. Thank you very much. I’m waiting for you coment.

        -Part time lovers sounds like a lust relationship, it does not sound like love. Control your hormones, stop allowing the lust to control you. Then if you really want a commitment, ask her to marry you. To put it more clearly, stop having sex until you learn to love the person for who she is, and then ask her to marry you if you find that you truly you love her. Read more of the articles here so that you understand what love really is.

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