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      Hidden Love Comes When Confusion Leaves

      By Guide

      We all have desires to love and to be loved. We sometimes want to know that we matter to others to a point of confusion. Confusion is defined as an act causing a disorderly combination of elements with identities lost and distinctions blended. Sometimes we confuse, misunderstand,  misrepresent, or are simply misinformed. We may have misconceptions that have been handed down to us generationally for years. Each of us has some hidden love within us that needs to come to it's intended level of destiny. However, for that hidden love to rise up we may need to discard some old ideas about love before we can acquire the necessary enlightening.

      Society and secular teaching have programmed our thinking from childhood in misguided mannerisms. By the time we are adults we associate lust with love, sex with love, and to flaunt our physical assets in order to obtain love. A push up bra might make your bust size look bigger, but it does not increase the love in your life. It will draw you more attention, but it's not going to draw you the attention that you are really looking for. It's a farce, wouldn't you rather have someone who got to know you for who you are, someone who appreciates you and enjoys you with your clothes on? You know, someone you can have an actual relationship with. Those push up bra commercials are actually defrauding you of your self value. You are not defined by your boobs, you are defined by your essence. Secularlists have trained both sexes to be concerned with the size of their instruments, not the size of their hidden love.

      Think about this ladies, you are taught to look sexy, be sexy, and show off your sexiness in order to attract a mate. What kind of person do you think you are going to attract? What kind of relationship do you think you are going to build by this behavior? If you make a foundation on quicksand it's going to sink. Most people, (who are single), want to be in a relationship, and most of them go about in manners that are prone to error. I can look back at my past and readily admit, I made many mistakes, but I will also admit that I have learned better. Anyone can choose to change their behaviors and their thought mannerisms through humility.

      If you want to change your love life you need to consider the ways you are going about things. Change the way you think and you will drastically change your outcomes. There are people right now that look at their relationships and wonder how they got where they are. They wonder what they saw in this guy, or in this girl? Love is not blind, lust is. When you get rid of your lust mate you will find your soul mate. When you cast out the lust that brings you confusion, the hidden love you seek will be able to appear.

      When we were children most of us were not taught how to think, we were taught what to think. Even through media today the same remains true, you hear something, you tend to believe it. That's not thinking, that's brainwashing. Look at how commercials attempt to influence your behavior and your actions. Do you know that these people go thru extensive research so that they might be able to manipulate your thinking, influence your choices, and thus pick your pocketbook. Think about it! Catchy little slogans and cute blood sucking lizards are sticking in our memories.

      Many guys have been programmed to believe that love is; L-legs O-open V-very
      E-easily ! Many women feel that in order to keep a man they must prematurely give themselves away. Lust never satisfies; it only continues discontent. It's a wayward road that remains hollow. I once knew a woman who was discontented with her husband, she referred to him as perverse. She stated this while she was wearing a revealing tank top that showed over half of her assets! There are lots of fish in the ocean, and what you use as a lure will determine your catch! If you want a hollow, self indulging relationship with someone who is only going to desire your nakedness, dress accordingly. Just don't complain about it later, your undoing has resulted from your undone attire, and it was your choice.

      Is this starting to displace some of the confusion in your life? Your hidden love is waiting to come out, but it won't come out while you are focused on misguided representations. You have grown up in a society that is driven by it's performance orientation, it's all about achievement, however what it is attempting to achieve is not necessarily in your best interests. Dressing in a provocative manner does not bring you the fulfillment you really desire, it only pads the bank accounts of the greedy.

      Life and relationships are about your inner position, not about your outward condition. If you stop to look at where you really are, you will know where you really want to get to. People don't grow in their relationships because they don't want to admit where they are, and that much of what they have learned, and become accustomed to is out of sink with the truth. You have to allow the misrepresentations to be stripped away in order to replace them with sound wisdom.

      Listen to this hidden love quotation from Dr. Joyce Brothers; “Love comes when manipulation stops; when you think more about the other person than about his or her reactions to you. When you dare to reveal yourself fully. When you dare to be vulnerable.” It's not talking about revealing your body, it's talking about being who you are without trying to live up to someone else's desires or expectations of you. You do not need to put on some illusional self mask or dress down to impress people, quit it! When you do that you set yourself up for disappointment. You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song that only you can hear. What is hidden love? It's only what needs to be revealed of you and in you. Hidden love is waiting for the real you to show up as only you can do. And that special hidden person that you might be waiting for to come into your life, your true hidden love, will notice the real you, appreciate the real you, when you are being the real you.


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      2 Responses to “Hidden Love Comes When Confusion Leaves”

      1. 1
        John Says:

        I found this to be very true and will be a great help in attracting the Love I deserve into my life.

      2. 2
        Tangie Says:

        This message is sooo real in our lives today, that people really dont know what love is. thanks, this is food for the mind.

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