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      Dating Advice, The Best Dating Advice, Dating Tips For Singles

      By Guide

      While dating look for someone who knows the Lord, someone you can be friends with forever, someone who knows what love is and knows how to love, someone who is giving & caring, someone you can have some fun with, someone you enjoy talking to, someone that supports you but does not enable you, someone who will compromise, a person that will speaks words of affirmation and encouragement, that is compassionate, that is clothed with humility, that does not gossip or slander, someone who prefers you over themselves, and someone that will pray together with you. 

      …….and then be that person yourself.

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      Character Dating Distinctions  Focusing On Your Desires 
      Building A Foundation Of Friendship Pertinent Questions To Ask Your Dates
      Best Singles Dating Sites

      Realize that "I Love You" is an outward expression. You may love what somebody does for you, and you may fall in love, but when you say those special 3 words, back it up by expressing it through your actions. Show your love by giving it externally. Meet your spouses or significant others emotional needs where they need it. Be thoughtful and take the time to do and say the things that will communicate to them that you love them. It takes time to find out what things to say and do that will exhibit your love for someone else, this is one reason why it is important in dating to get to know someone before you plunge off into a more intimate relationship with them. Your dates will demonstrate to you what they are made of, if your perception is clear. As you are dating look for loving character attributes, look for giving people, seek out singles who are not just dating for sexual relations. Temporary gratification in dating relationships will only lead to long term difficulties. Everyone has faults and shortcomings, so don’t be looking for perfect singles, but instead be looking for healthy dating singles who are searching for the meaningful togetherness bond of their life. © 2008 Jon Morgan RiverSongs.com

       Look to incorporate these Love Advice Guidelines into a successful long lasting love relationship.


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      15 Responses to “Dating Advice, The Best Dating Advice, Dating Tips For Singles”

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      1. 15
        Divine Says:

        Am 25, no boyfriend talkless of fiance only married men comes my way and if a single Guy comes, he disappoints’ what do I do?

        REPLY: Are your expectations unrealistic? You will not find the perfect partner, (humans are not perfect), only the perfect partner for you. What is it that the single guys are disappointing in you? Is it sex? If so then you have your priorities upside down.

      2. 14
        Beatrice Says:

        Year. today is ma 1st time on this site and am in a period of fasting and prayer for my soul-mate.

        it close to two months since i was really hurt by my x. I love what I just found here and i want to learn on this site for my success in love.


      3. 13
        Roland Says:

        This is really lovely Im in to a relationship, but my partner seems not to believe me in anything i said to her, please tell me what to do, but i love this girl so much, the love i have for her can let to married.

        is really encouraging I would like to receive teaching on singles and more advice thanks, Roland forbi

        RESPONSE: This most likely is her issue, she is insecure, it could stem from a low self-esteem or perhaps due to a relationship she had in the past where she was hurt. Where she is afraid of the same thing happening, where she puts her trust in someone who fails her. Yet nobody is perfect, expecting perfection is a false pretense, and it will leave people hurt if they can not get over their own unrealistic expectations. Ask her if she has been hurt before by someone. If you want to show her that you really love her, get a ring. And watch Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage together to increase your abilities to love and understand each other.

      4. 12
        Trisha Says:

        Any chance that I can talk to some one personally on the phone. I am going through very emotional hardship, it is really hard to decide at this moment, unless some one give moral support to me. After I started to read this site posts I do believe in here some one will help / will get some support. Advance thanks.

      5. 11
        Olatokunbo Says:

        God bless you for this site and very wonderful write-ups. I’m really so glad. We ladies should respect the fact that we are wonderfully and fearfully made and our bodies are the temple of the Living God. Don’t be carried away by “I love you” a number of guys say just to get you to satisfy their emotions and sexual needs. I was in a relationship which ended because I did not compromise on my standards and did not give in to sex. Don’t be scared or intimidated that your friends are married with kids or that you are aging. Keep working on yourself and God will give you a man of substance, a perfect match for you. Remember that God makes ALL THINGS so beautiful in His time.

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