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      Believe In Each Other, Supporting Love Believes All Things

      By Guide

      Those who truly love each other, believe in each other, because in order to love someone, you must believe in them. Only a pessimist says "seeing is believing", but an optimist believes in advance, and says "believing is seeing". Love always believes for the best, and through love a couple believes in each other. Love believes in you, it’s been supporting and encouraging you since the day you were born. Believe that? Think about all the supporting people you have had in your life.

      In all of your relationships you have the ability to see the best in people, and to believe the best in those people. When you meet someone for the first time and find that you like them, it’s due to something positive that you seen in them. Now since people are imperfect, you most likely had chosen to have an open mindset in that initial meeting. The question here though is, what is it that you liked about them? You must have initially given them the benefit of the doubt to find some positive aspects about them. Now it is possible that you could have gone into the meeting with pessimism or optimism, and came out with two completely different viewpoints based upon your own thought mannerisms.

      Much of what you see or believe in other people has a lot to do with your own personal mindset, sometimes it’s your own personal constraints that prevent you from believing in others. This is not to say that you should jump rashly into anything, sound and wise judgment are essential. The point being, is that couples are capable of finding many positive aspects about each other, if they decide to focus on those good traits. All too often though people get stuck in skepticism, fault finding, defeatist, negative, and doubtful attitudes. You see, often times someone’s lack of belief comes from within them, not from what they may truly see in you. If you ascertain that about someone in your life, you have an opportunity to encourage and support them, by showing them that you believe in them.

      Everyone needs a supporting cast of love around them, we all desire to have someone who encourages us, and someone who believes in us. I would not be writing this article if I had not been encouraged by love to do so. Often times we become discouraged by some less than favorable occurrence, and we need others to give us some forward momentum. We need someone else to believe in us, in our capabilities, and in our realm of possibilities. God wants you to hear this, if you meet rejection in some manner, do not be lowly in heart, that rejection is only a deflection, it’s a redirection, and sometimes it’s an admonition for protection, there is something better for you ahead, press forward with expectancy.

      We all know how it feels to be urged on, to be encouraged by words of faith. Since we know we need to be believed in, we know others need to have someone believing in them as well. Women, loving wives stand beside and believe in their husbands with supporting attitudes and encouraging words. Your words have power, they have the power to shape the future. By the fruit of your own words you will reap the harvest you have spoken, so do not blame the failures that you yourself have spoken into your own relationships. A good wife speaks faith into her husband, she sets up favorable outcomes by believing in and supporting her husband.

      Husbands, your wife needs your dedicated confidence, she needs to know that you believe in her. When you speak favor over your wife, you bless her and everything she does. Which, by the way, also benefits you because you are together. No matter what the circumstances may appear to be, believe in her and her abilities. Nobody has been destined to mediocrity, supporting belief alone will open up favorable manifestations. Proverbs 31: 11 says, Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. Men, think about that, because you believe in your wife, you will be rewarded. Husbands to believe in your wife, is to love your wife, love believes by way of grace, and grace believes in second chances.

      You probably are not able to count the times when someone believed in you and gave you another chance to improve a previous outcome. Folks we all falter, but just because we come up short from time to time does not mean that we are unable. I believe that each person who reads this article is well able, you have unique abilities that define you as extraordinary. You have an originality about you that is incomparable, you have exceptional qualities that are full of potential. Within you is a dream, and that dream wants to come to fulfillment. You have an advantage unlike anyone else, believe in it, and you will manifest the desires of your heart.

      When your spouse comes up short they need to know that their partner will be there believing with supporting reassurance, not condemnation. Couples need to believe in each other in advance, your faith can be just what your spouse needs to rise up to and overcome any obstacles. Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken, Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. Besides, when you are making an effort and you fall, you fall in the direction of faith, you fall forward, not away from it. Believing has only brought you closer to your intended destination.

      You can’t believe unless you walk in love, because love always believes, love always hopes, love always trusts, and love always perseveres. You see, believing is seeing, you must first believe in your spouse in order to love them. When you believe in your husband or wife you set them up for increase. By believing you strengthen your spouse, you support and encourage them. You ignite favor upon their lives, and you draw blessings towards them. Married couples who believe in each other prosper because they choose to believe first. When one prospers the other prospers as well. Favorable outcomes are on the horizon for those who love each other enough to believe in each other. Make a choice today, a choice to believe the best for your wife or husband, believe in their potential, in their abilities, and in them. Realize that they have some unique characteristics, they have some pieces to complete the puzzle that you don’t have.

      Love never stops being patient, never stops believing, never stops hoping, never gives up. 1 Corinthians 13:7


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      One Response to “Believe In Each Other, Supporting Love Believes All Things”

      1. Kifayat Khan Says:
        December 24th, 2008 at 2:40 am

        I really appreciate and admire this article… I matched and conceived this article just with my own personal life and yes these are all true…Best regards with Love

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