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    Trusting God In Marriage Relationships
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    Video Advice On How To Fix Your Marriage >>

    If you can't trust your husband or you can't trust your wife,
    you need to trust God. And say God I do not know where
    all this is going, and I am not sure who I trust, but I do
    trust you. You know what's best and am going to put this
    all in your hands.

    Why should you trust God with a relationship that you are
    ready to give up on? That you are ready to walk out the door
    on that marriage. Why should you trust God instead?
    Because God knows what he's doing and you don't.
    Sometimes what you think is wrong is God working behind
    the scenes.

     Ten weeks ago my daughter in law Jamie had
    a premature delivery of her first child. It was a very, very, difficult
    delivery and she could have lost her life. In the first place the
    baby came, I don't know, 5 or 6 weeks early. Which is not always
    a good thing, but then as she was ready to deliver the baby was
    in a breach position. And was obviously not going to be born
    that way. And then the baby stopped breathing. I don't know if
    the cord was wrapped around it's neck or what, but it had stopped
    breathing and the baby was going to die inside Jamie.
    So they rushed her in and they did an emergency C-section.
    They resuscitated the baby and got him breathing again, saved
    his live and of course Jamie lived.

    We looked at that situation and we thought, that's a problem.
    In was a problem that she had a baby, you know, six weeks
    in advance of her due date. And it was a problem that the
    baby was breached. And it was a problem that she had to
    have a C-section so that the baby could be resuscitated.

    But we now know that if she had delivered on time, that she
    would be delivering a baby at the same time she was having
    a brain tumor surgery in her life. And we also now know that
    if she had given birth the way she wanted to, in a normal way,
    she would have pushed and it would have killed her. Because
    the tumor was a vascular tumor and it would have exploded,
    and she would have died.

    Write this down, what you think is a problem is often a protection!
    You need to write that down. What you think is a problem in your
    life is often a protection. What we thought was a problem saved
    Jamie's life. She would have died if she had the baby on time
    in a normal way. 

    What you think is a problem in your life is often God's protection.
    Protecting you from something far, far, worse. You see God is
    God and you're not. And you need to learn to trust him.

    Video Advice On How To Fix Your Marriage >>