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      Ask Questions About Love, Questions About Relationships

      By Guide

      It is said that the only stupid questions that you ask, are the ones you never asked. The sole intent of this section is so you may ask the burning questions you have desired to be answered. The answers to your questions about love and relationships may be given on this page, so please return to this section after a couple of days. It is also possible that we may take the questions you are asking and use them as a topic to write an article on. Whatever the case may be, we will attempt to supply answers that are useful to you.

      Often times people want to hear the answers the way they want them, that is not going to happen here. Be prepared to accept answers that are answered out of love. Love will not tell you what you want to hear, but rather what you need to discover. Sometimes the questions that people are asking are more complex than they appear, therefore the answers you receive may be multifaceted.

      Please note that the relationship questions you are asking will appear in ascending order, 15 questions per page, thus you will may need to scroll to the bottom of this page and click to the next page in order to see the question you asked about, as well as it’s corresponding answer.


      Topics: Love Questions | 158 Comments »

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      158 Responses to “Ask Questions About Love, Questions About Relationships”

      1. louis oliver Says:
        November 10th, 2014 at 3:51 pm

        Was I falling in love? For a few months I’ve been talking to a co worker of mine ,knowing she is married, I always felt attracted to her and was obviously blunt about it to the point of me telling her although we went out I always kept in mind she was married and never made a move on her. She started talking to another guy at work and after telling me she couldn’t go out with me to eat anymore because her husband didnt approve of it , she literally skipped work to go to this guys house. The moment I saw her get out of the car I felt my heart sink and even though I always knew she was married I never thought of her actually doing something like that, I guess I was expecting to be the guy she liked but ended up being friend zoned along the way.

        REPLY: You are better off, she sounds like a real heart breaker, one who in not faithful. If she is not faithful in her marriage, do you really think she would be faithful to you?

      2. A.J Harper Says:
        November 21st, 2014 at 9:24 am

        I had my first girlfriend a few months back. It was so serious, and it felt like it really was going to last a lifetime. Both of us were really loyal and did not even look at someone else. She broke up with me, one fine day due to insecurity, whereas it was so stupid, because I’m so stupid that I can never find someone else. She has found some other guy, but she even told me that she was happier with me and that she knows that nobody can love her more than I have been. I still love her so much. I am sick of my life, I feel alone and incomplete, I am a loner and do not even have many friends. I have resorted to smoking and sleeping pills to keep myself together. I will not do anything else until I get her back, because I really love her. How do I make her realize that everything can be perfect again, and how do I get her back?

        REPLY: She told you that she was happier with you… and what did you do, nothing? Stop focusing on your pain and consider pursuing with love.

      3. Justin Says:
        December 2nd, 2014 at 8:07 pm

        Here there! I am requesting the editors of this website to answer my question i had asked recently….so kindly i am requesting to answer my quiz soon…..i hope so.

        REPLY: In life you need to learn to control your emotions, & you will have to make decisions for your life…. If you need direction in your life, first seek God, and with that will come wisdom as well as the love that your heart desires.

      4. mike Says:
        May 4th, 2015 at 3:24 pm

        Okay so this is long.
        I am currently engaged to an amazing woman, we have been together for almost three years and we are getting married in October. We shard a lot of our life goals, we get along great, you could say it’s the perfect relationship.
        When I was little I met someone online, I was 11 she was 10. We used instant messaging and eventually video cameras, we talked on the phone, she was the perfect girl. We became close friends and we talked that if we didn’t live in different countries we would happily be together, we kept talking for years and years. I got a girlfriend here and she got highly upset, we understood nothing could ever happen due to the distance but those feelings were and always have been there. We kept in touch, I became single and just kept our dynamic. Suddenly a possibility for us to meet happened as my best friend often goes to where she lives, he is from there. I met my fiance and I kept in touch with my friend, but we never addressed the elephant in the room. Over the weekend she was able to come close to me and without a question I drove with my friend to meet her, my fiance knows we are friends but not of the deep feelings. I was happy I could finally meet this girl I basically grew up with, that I cared so much for….but all those feelings came with it as well. Didnt cheat on my fiance, it was hard not to, the chemistry was there, the feelings, the mood, everything even better than we always dreamed of. She is leaving back to her country soon but she might, most likely, end up moving to the US if not that city maybe even closer to where I live.
        I love my fiance, but I also love this girl that possibly knows me better than anyone. I know nothing with her could ever happen, but I dont know what to do with these feelings. Only my best friend knows of this situation and he helped but this is such a peculiar scenario that I don’t know how to deal with it. I can’t stop loving any of them and I am getting married but I want to have my friend in my life.

        REPLY: You can not have your cake and it eat too! Who are you kidding, Saying you love both of them? You apparently do not love either, you need to learn what love is, because love is not focused on oneself.

      5. Ankit Says:
        April 9th, 2016 at 4:20 am

        had a crush on a girl, i proposed her. But she told me that it is just an attraction not Love. Since than we couldn’t talk or meet due to some family problems.
        Now after two years, she contacted me, and she has a Love letter which i have given her two years ago. At first I thought she also likes me, but when I asked to her why did you keep this letter with you, she replied ” Last sentence is too inspiring and she reads it many times”.
        I feel I still love her and my feelings are same as it was before, one strange thing is – I never felt such feelings for any other girl in my life.
        What should I do, she loves me or not ?????
        It really disturbing me, not able to concentrate on my work, my mind always think about her.

        COMMENT: You are the man, develop some confidence, look to build a foundation of friendship and spend time with her. Show her you have interest without worrying about her feelings so much.

      6. Priya Says:
        July 16th, 2016 at 3:47 pm

        I had a crush a crush in my senior school years, two years to be precise. He seemed interested in me. I thought college would separate us. He seemed to have forgotten me in the last year of school. But on the first day of college, I met him, I was supposed to shift colleges. Due to circumstances, I stayed. That day, he for the first time said hi, in school all we did was look at each other. And after that first day, I got to talk to him once. But after that, I made a new friend and we ended up in a relationship. Due to mutual friends, my crush confirmed that I did like him back in school. Everything was fine with my bf till my crush started staring at me again. Almost everyday and last week he even came to our class. My bf got jealous and I felt I still had feelings for my crush. Now he’s distancing himself away from me and I cried so much when he avoided me fully. I am confused. My bf loves me a lot. I don’t wanna leave him since he’ll be really sad without me. But I also feel responsible for my crush and his distancing. Whenever I see him, I feel like crying. So yesterday, I told myself that I’ll love my bf like how I did and help my crush forget me by staying away. But now I still feel bad and my bf seems a little cold. Am I doing the right thing?

        COMMENT: It does not sound like you are being honest with yourself. Who do you have feelings for? Is it infatuation? You can not make your current relationship happy if your heart is somewhere else.

      7. shadystellar Says:
        December 22nd, 2016 at 3:14 am

        Is long distance relationship the reason why to try open relationship?

        My story, I live in Asia and He lives in Europe. We’ve been dating since August 2016. Now he wants to have open relationship because he told he doesn’t have enough sexual experience with people (this is his first relationship he’s in to) and he’s too young to be in committed relationship. We’ve been in committed relationship so far and now he begs to have open relationship with one condition, I can’t have more number than him (I have loads of experience). Personally, I enjoy having commitment in long distance relationship because every single little thing matters now. I don’t want to have open relationship and I hate it (I have tried twice in two different relationships and it’s failed). He told me he still loves me and what he wants to do is just sexual actions. He asked this since the first day we are dating but I declined his request. So far we’ve been in committed relationship because he loves me and he doesn’t want to hurt me. I love him more and more after what he did this to me. What do you think I should do? If you suggest to talk with him more, actually we did discuss this every month, I stand on my own choice, he stands on his choice, there’s no light in the end of the tunnel. I really want to give him ultimatum like “you choose me or open relationship?” but I feel it’s unfair cause he’s been committed to me so far. I really don’t know what to do, please give me some advice! Thank you in advance!

        I’m going to see him again for new year holiday and I’m trying to move to Europe now but you know it takes time cause I got job here.

        RESPONSE: A TRUE LOVE WILL COMMIT TO A RELATIONSHIP, this is why we suggest to get a ring before you give yourself away. An open relationship, where one has sex with others is nothing but self fulfillment, it’s selfishness, which significantly lacks any love.

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