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      3 Cheap Romantic Ideas For Under 10 Dollars

      By Guide

      Looking for cheap romantic ideas? Guys there are plenty of cheap ways to tickle your beloveds heart, you do not have to make huge plans to be romantic. The little things you do should be just as significant as the big ones. Your wife, seeing your efforts, should appreciate your loving thoughts regardless of the costs. Too often husbands think they have to make a big romantic deal in order to make any kind of a impression. That is simply not true, you can make loving gestures without blowing your paycheck. There are times, however when you should make increased romantic efforts that may be more costly, such as anniversaries. But during tough times these relatively cheap romantic ideas can still express your loving intentions. Find and buy a romantic card from the store, (and send an ecard). Address it to her at your home address, put a heart stamp on it, and send it in the mail. Let her find it in the mailbox by surprise. It’s a inexpensive way of showing that you are thinking of her. Then you might set out to do something else that is romantic and yet inexpensive at the same time, such as the romantic teddy bear below.

        This rose and teddy bear combination can be found in many conveyance stores. It is an inexpensive way to surprise your wife, as it is cheap at $3.99. Because it is so common I decided to make some romantic alterations.
      So I carefully disconnected the teddy bear, holding the heart, from the rose. They used glue to adhere it, so it took some effort. I then used a razor blade to cut the thread lose from the heart and one arm.  

        I wanted to be able to wrap the teddy bears arms around various different items. So I took some velcro and placed one side on the heart and the other on the detached arm. Now he is a romantic huggy bear.
      The rose, I placed on a mirror that my wife uses each morning to beautify herself prior to going to work. You see it here with the cute puppy and the love picture frame in the bathroom. It did have a wire stem, so it can be wrapped around items.  

        The teddy bears arms are not able to get around many things, so I set out to find where I could place this cute huggable bear. You see he attached himself to the shower arm waiting to surprise my beloved. Um…she liked it!
      After the romantic shower surprise I decided to further dress the heart of the bear up. You can see where I attached the words I love you, in gold, with some clear glue to the heart of the bear. Here he has wrapped himself around the fridgerator handle.  


      Those are three ways to be romantic for well under ten bucks! So what if it is cheap, money can not buy you love. Love can be summed up in a million little things, it is the thought, the loving intentions that count, not the cost of those intentions. You can be a cheap romantic, just make sure you remove the price tags and get rid of the receipts, just as you would do with any other gifts. Then add in a little creative romantic flair to the mixture. Consider that the more romantic items you pick up, the more they will decorate your home. Before you know it all those cheap little romantic things you have done will have filled your home with thoughts of love. You will see love spelled out wherever you look.


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      One Response to “3 Cheap Romantic Ideas For Under 10 Dollars”

      1. Azmil Says:
        July 26th, 2009 at 3:30 am

        You are very true. Most girls love teddy bear. My other has about
        40 now. she gets one on most special occasion and sometimes I buy one
        just as a suprise. She loved the teddy bear bouquet for valentine’s instead of roses.

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