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      Appreciation, Happy Marriages In Congruent Appreciation

      By Guide

      Reflection is a required state of awareness for realizing a harmonious relationship. A significant manner to maintain a happy marriage is to be content through appreciation. Maintaining appreciative attitudes for your spouse and your relationship begins by cognizant observation. Deliberate rumination will render illumination. In ascertaining what you do have obscurity is resolved, thereby releasing provision for appreciation. Appreciation brings transformation.

      Misconceptions are often obtained through parental and/or cultural teachings. Children are often taught that more is better and that teaching continues throughout their adolescence years. They learn to gain acquisitions for themselves, to want, and to whine when they don’t get their way. Their early foundations have spoiled them, teaching them selfishness, dissatisfaction, and ingratitude. It can be difficult to strip away improper foundational teachings, but it is necessary to obtain healthy relationships.

      Perceptual experience is the representation of what is perceived. Sometimes a good dose of changeology is necessary for maintaining a contented relationship. It is often poor thought patterns and thinking mannerisms that display ingratitude by way of self-interest. One can not outwardly reflect if they are inwardly absorbed. Those who lack contentment will never have enough.

      Maintaining a happy relationship begins with a couples appreciation of each other. It’s not always what your spouse does not do, it’s your ability to perceive their loving intentions with gratitude. Many people are so focused on what they don’t get that they are oblivious to the prominence of love standing right before them. Selfishness does not find contentment and thus true happiness can never be achieved. Some people are just so self-centered that they may never be able to savor loves experience. Do you remember when your parents told you to share when you were young?

      Couples become to easily accustomed with one another. They loose appreciation by way of familiarity, and then they take each other for granted. The key to contentment is to appreciate what you have. In order to appreciate you need to look more intently for what there is to be appreciated. Initiate a more conscious level of awareness and learn to appreciate the loving characteristics of your spouse. Be more attentive by taking the time to contemplate all the things you can think of  that you can appreciate about your spouse. Make a list of those things so that you are more aware of their true magnitude. Make the necessary adjustments to recognize what there is to be appreciated, and feel the feelings that go along with that appreciation. Then act with specific intent to express your appreciation to them. Speech gratitude is nice, but the words "thank you" are only words if they are not supported by reasonable actions.


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