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      Sweetest Day For Your Sweetest One, Increasing Sweetness

      By Guide

      The sweetest dessert is comprised of the sweetest ingredients. It is the measure of the components that define the degree of sweetness. Your personal level of sweetness is comprised by your ability to love. Being the sweetest you can be is fully dependant on the amount of sweetener in your heart. We all have different volumes of sweetness, as some of our inner recipes are composed with bittersweet ingredients.

      Many folks have inner sweetness inhibitors that trammel even the sweetest truffles rendering them sour. These inhibitors often attempt to conceal themselves within the mix as umber chips,brown mud spots called grudges. Splotches of bittersweet morsels that rise to the surface and impede the flow of love in their lives. The trife in the batter comes from the unreleased sweeteners. The sweetest ingredient is love, and love does not hold grudges. So if the mixture is bittersweet, then the ending result will lack the most significant sweetener, which is love.

      How can one focus on being the sweetest they can be without resolving the personal constraints within them that protrude outward from within? Love does not say; "I remember the day and pain you inflicted upon me". That is not love, that is bitterness, and bitterness is far from being a sweetener to your soul. How can one say that they love when all they ever do is focus on their own painful memories? You can’t keep reliving the past pains and hurts of days gone by stewage and make new cake batter at the same time without adding in those love inhibitors.

      Some couples toss these bitter morsel chips at each other, as if the were chocolate chips, never realizing that the pains they are inflicting upon each other stem from their own cookie dough! Please stop for a moment and think about that, you really do not want to intentionally hurt someone, that is unless your bitterness has taken on the ugliness of revenge. Here is one of the sweetest truths you will ever know, you have hurt other people, you are going to hurt other people, it’s going to happen. Through love you have received the mercy and grace of other people who have forgiven you and you will be forgiven for your future mistakes, that’s pretty sweet don’t you think? In knowing that others will love you enough to cut you some slack, what is stopping you from increasing your sweetness?

      Before you go pointing your finger at someone else’s cookie dough, blaming their dough for all your bad cookies, you need to take the time and look at your own cookie dough. Some folks still have inhibitors inside them from a time period that was before the invention of cup cakes. They think people owe them for all the grudges they hold onto in their own hearts, it’s like throwing mud pies into their own faces. Being the sweetest you can be does not mean to go and join the army. The sweetest battles you have are within yourself.


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