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      Touch Of Love, The Touching That Means So Much

      By Guide

      Your touch of love means so much! How do you feel when someone has touched you with love? It just plain feels good right? There are many different ways to touch people with love, you don’t have to be physically touching someone to touch them with love. Touch is described in many forms, touch may be the suggestion of some quality, or a communicative interaction such as in comprehension. You could get a touch of the flu or perhaps add a touch of garlic to a recipe, a slight but appreciable addition. Touch could be associated with how well someone handles matters, a distinguishing style, or the faculty of touch. However, it is often the physical touch that means so much.

      A touch of love can be in brief physical contact with someone and still affect them emotionally. When you touch someone physically there is sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin. That direct physical contact can be gentle, subtle, comforting, and quite loving depending upon the circumstances and the person being touched. The actual reference I am touching on is the physical aspect of  touching another person, with love.

      Touching someone with love could be as simple as a gentle touch of the hand, such as is often done for consoling purposes. Your touch of love may be comforting, such as wrapping your arm around someone’s shoulder. You might also love someone by embracing them with a loving hug. There is also the relational touching of couples and spouses. Couples often touch by holding hands, by walking with their arms around each other, by snuggling closely, and of course, the deeper form of intimate touching. These are just some of the ways we interact with touches of love. For those who might be thinking lustfully, intimate touching is not always associated with love.

      Different people have different reactions to being touched, they may misrepresent and actually be offended by a touch of love. They may have a personal preference, a boundary, or perhaps some unknown issue that may cause them to apparently react ungratefully to a well intended touch. Touching can be an art, there is a time to touch and a time avoid touching. A well meaning touch of love can actually be viewed as disrespectful. Everyone is different, and we all need to be understanding of other peoples boundaries and emotional needs. Be considerate, some people are touchy when it comes to well-meant touches of love.

      Sometimes you just need to reach out and touch someone, however some singles may take this in the wrong context. When you are dating there is a fine line of touching appropriateness. A little touching of the lips, a little touch here, a little touch there, off went the underwear! Singles, remember we are talking about touching with love, not touching with lustful intentions. Learn to love first, control your hormones and your physical desires for a time when your love has grown to a fully committed level in marriage. For a time when you hear someone say, "you may kiss the bride".

      Let’s touch on marriage and the relational touching that means so much. When you have completed your wedding vows, your marriage begins with the appropriate touch of a loving kiss. Kissing is an affectionate level of touch that communicates love in relationships. Kissing is a significant touch of love between couples, family members and friends as well. You can communicate love, with the touch of your lips without being romantically involved. However, for many people kissing ignites the fires of passion that should be reserved for the united.

      The touches of love between married couples is not completed by the gluing of lips. Married couples often communicate love to one another through various affectionate touches. It’s those daily touches of love that accumulate feelings of love. However, since we are all wired uniquely different, some may appreciate loving touches, such as caressing, more than others. Caressing is a form of touch that can be very loving, the gentle caressing of a hand, the tender rubbing of the back, or the loving strokes on the chest can all spell affection. Your touch of love can be expressed without sexual connotations and still be felt and received quite fondly.

      This method of touching is intended on expressing love outwardly without conditions or presumptions. It’s just what it is, touching with love to communicate love to your spouse without any preconceived notions on your behalf. Reaching out and touching your wife does not have to be sexually related, in fact, she would probably find it quite refreshing when she realizes that you are just trying to show her that you love her. Likewise ladies, there are men who would delightfully appreciate your touch of love, so snuggle up and love each other through the feelings of touch.

      PS: This article was inspired by my wife’s touch, the loving touch I appreciate so much!


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      2 Responses to “Touch Of Love, The Touching That Means So Much”

      1. George V. Says:
        December 30th, 2008 at 3:51 pm

        The touch of love could very well be the missing link between sickness and good health. This cna be true not only with the elderly, but the middle aged and children as well. Just a touch of love goes a long way in the healing process. Also a touch of love is exciting to any age group, what the world needs now is a touch of genuine love.

      2. Robert Says:
        July 19th, 2009 at 7:30 pm

        The touch of love I loved my wife dearly but lost her to Cancer many time I
        wished I could reach out and touch her just one more time
        Thank You

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