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      True Love Feelings, Emotional Feelings Of Love

      By Guide

      The feelings of love we feel come from an initiation of love, where love intercommunicates loving intentions. The feelings of love follow the affections of love by way of love intentionality. In other words, love feelings follow loving actions. Love feelings are felt within our hearts, we feel the love that others touch us with, and our emotions rise in response to the love that we feel. Everybody wants to feel the emotional feelings associated with love, and the feelings that accompany loves euphoria.

      The emotional feelings of love bring us to a feeling of elation, an exhilarating psychological state of great joy. Often it is our ability to appreciate the love that we receive that elevates our emotional feelings. However we sometimes allow our feelings to overtake us in the early stages of our relationships and we actually become infatuated. These feelings of euphoria may actually lead us into infatuation, which is an object of extravagant short-lived passion. These feelings of love, (misrepresented as love), are usually associated to exuberant passion, in temporary admiration. Many times it is due to this infatuated state that people become hurt because they are unable to control their emotional feelings.

      The feelings associated with infatuation are more common among adolescents and younger adults. There are plenty of young women who are so taken by their feelings, and their hormones, that they give themselves away prematurely. They then wonder, and seek to answer the question; If he had sex with me does that mean he loves me? The answer to that question is no, having sex with you does not mean that he loves you. It means that he lusts you, and you lusted him, you had sexual feelings, not love feelings. Unfortunately, our society and it's cultural teachings associate sex to love, when in reality, sex outside of the context of marriage is generally lust driven. It's generally a self absorbing physical desire to selfishly meet ones own physical mania. Sex alone does not meet loves criteria, because love is not self seeking. Love feelings follow love actions, sexual feelings often follow reactions to lust driven desires. We are all human, and we all experience the desires of our flesh, however true love feelings are associated with a deep relational bonding, not just physical intimacy.

      Everyone has a desire to be loved and to naturally feel the feelings that accompany love. Remember though that the feelings come in reaction to the love that is expressed. This means that love must first be bestowed in order for the feelings of love to follow. So for you to be feeling the feelings of love means that someone had to express, show, or convey love to you in some form or fashion. It is at this juncture that many people get stuck, they get stuck on their own self interests, they like the love, so they selfishly look to acquire more for themselves. Kind of sounds a lot like what people do with money right? We all battle with inward selfishness and our culture teaches us that more is better, (more for ourselves). Love does not seek it's own desires, it looks to fulfill the needs of others.

      If you are feeling the feelings of love, wouldn't you want to know that your spouse or partner is also having those same feelings? Love begins by presentation, show love to your husband, give love to your wife, and they too will enjoy the feelings of love. There are many people who ask the question; how do I get my husband to love me? or.. How do I get my girlfriend to love me? Simply, start with your own loving behavior, quit thinking about what you want to receive and start giving love to them. Ignite their love feelings, and thus the responses to love, by your own initiation. Make love a habit, you can not spread love onto others and not receive it yourself. Kiss me and kiss me again, for your love is sweeter than wine. Song Of Songs 1:2

      Intention is multiplied by action, act your way into a loving behavior and you will accomplish loving feelings. Execute love, seek to satisfy the needs of your wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend. Provide love an opening to bring about those feelings of love. Supply love like oxygen, and the love feelings will follow. We must show love through actions that are sincere, not through empty words. 1 John 3:18

      But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23

      This is my prayer for you: that your love will grow more and more, and that you will have knowledge and understanding with your love. Philippians 1:9


      Topics: Feelings and Emotions | 33 Comments »

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      33 Responses to “True Love Feelings, Emotional Feelings Of Love”

      1. 1
        Patience Says:

        My husband and I have been married for 3 1/2 years now and i love him very much and deeper than when we first started out our relationship; the problem now is he won’t tell me he loves me and i repeatedly and continue to tell him, i wash his feet cook meals for him, take care of the children, put my whole life into making this work and every time he doesn’t tell me in return I feel hallow rejected and unloved and I keep saying it.. but i’m at a road where i feel i should quit but my bleeding heart still wants to give it a chance… just 2 months ago he’s had an outside affair with a lady in his platoon but my spirit warned me and I asked him outright about it and he told me the truth said it wasn’t sexual and it only lasted 12 days from the time i asked him (we had been separated 2 months for his training in the military. we are back together he provides for the family and we still have sexual relations when i initiate but he will not tell me he loves me… I stay at home with our two children 1 &; 2 and sometimes i feel i will lose my mind why am i doing this! I am only 24 and he’s 36… Sometimes walking seems like the answer but i know god will not have me do that! please help

        Answer: You can not get from other’s what they do not have to give. The issue here is far deeper than him not saying those precious 3 words to you. I will contact you about this, hopefully your email is correct.

      2. 2
        Suzan Says:

        I am 30 yrs old now, still in love with the guy I met when I was 17 years old. we are not together because he is outside the country, even if he was here I do not think we would be together. there is a lot of complications, but the sure thing is we love each other.

        He was dating my best friend, when we felt in love and he was also my brother’s best friend, so we kept our relationship a secret. But now we deeply in love with each other, just do not know what to do, because of hiding our relationship he ended up having a relationship with another woman and i also had a relationship with another man, but we kept seeing each other till now. I now realize that he is the only man I love.

        ??? Is seeing each other in a sexual context? If it is, that probably has much to do with the confusion. Emotions are not good at thinking, and love does not seek its own.

      3. 3
        Janette Says:

        I have been very happily married for 20 years. My husband’s father died last year and with other stress factors in his life he developed depression. The past 9 months have been extremely difficult especially when I found out he was having an affair with a work colleague, this had only been going on for 3 months. Although we are still together and trying to repair the damage to our relationship he says he has no feelings of love for me and hasn’t since the depression started before Christmas. Is this normal with depression? he wants me but seems to have lost these feelings. I still love him and he knows this, will these feelings come back?

        Answer: Love is a choice, love is a action, and the Feelings follow the actions of love. Men are not women, they are different and 53% of America right now is dealing with some form of emotional disturbance. Now, since 53% is above 50%, that makes those in the 53% area normal. I would be careful about labeling anyone with clinical terms such as depression, as soon as you label someone with a term such as that, they take it like bad medicine and go around believing it 24/7. However, the best therapist is named Jesus, and if you really want to restore your marriage, you will spend time with Him.

      4. 4
        kristen Says:

        My boyfriend and i have been living together four years. In order for him to feel that i love him he he requires touching, kissing, and holding. We have had some pretty serious arguments and have both said hurtful things we did not mean out of anger. He continues to bring up my failures of the not loving him the way that he needs me to love him almost daily. I am a very live in the moment type of person and i dont like to judge or analyze everything that is said or done. He on the other hand analyzes almost everything i say or do. He knows how to push my buttons and get me angry or feel like i am completely useless and crazy. He is a man of power and control and I feel that he likes it when i lose control because thats more control for him and that really hurts me. I am affraid of touching or loving him in the ways that i feel comfortable because he is just going to judge me or tell me that either its wrong or not good enough. I love him but it is very hard for me to express my love in the ways that he need because of the constant reminders of what i dont do for him, and the failures of yesterday. I feel like i am going crazy (which he reminds me of also) and not sure i can ever do anything right when it comes to loving.

        Answer: Sounds like quite a few issues going on in this relationship. Sounds like he is seeking motherly love, that he is focused on himself, and he manipulates and controls you through belittling in attempts to get his desires met. Sounds like too much of the “ME” word and not enough of the “YOU” word. Love focuses outwardly and is not self consuming. You are not married, he can cry all he wants to get what he wants and you are probably trying to live up to his expectations. Your in this thing backwards and may be allowing yourself to be used and manipulated. You might try to gain some understanding by finding out how his childhood was. However, you have both started a relational foundation that lacks good structure. If a man really loves you, let him give you a ring and a certificate of marriage, otherwise you give away your dignity and self respect….. and many men will take full advantage of that.

      5. 5
        Sunday Says:

        Am in a mere relationship with a girl when she was still very young, now we’ve together for 4yrs and the relationship started formally 2yrs ago. i.e I request we should start one so she agreed. But the funny thing is that, she told me that what she likes doing most is to cheat on guys, and anytime I ask her if she really loves me she says YES, and I keep seeing her with guys, (walking), which i don’t like. If i ask her out she says No. If i ask her SEX she says No and she keeps promising the future. From me she is my first love and i love very much. Please should I wait for the future? am scared to loose her.

        Answer: Well she could be just toying with you, and then again she could be telling you something. Why do you ask her for sex if you say you love her? Love is not self centered, love is a giving thing. I can not give you the answers to your life, you have choices to make for yourself. However, if you ask her to marry you and she says no, it’s probably time to let go and move on.

      6. 6
        Jaydeep P. Says:

        PLEASE HELP!!!

        I am a 24 year old man and have been in a relationship with a 25 year old woman for the last 2 and1/2 years. She formerly was my sisters friend. SHe is not a very good looking girl but for me she was the perfect one ever since I saw her for the first time. I like the way she behaved and her jovial nature. I thought of her as a perfect wife and was sure she would be a good daughter in law. She is a very nice person, always supportive although there are times when we fight a lot but i guess no relationship is perfect. My Mom from the very start when I told her I liked this girl said no don’t go ahead but I have such strong feelings for her that I couldn’t stop myself from telling her that i liked her. She too admitted that she liked me. For my parents they are not happy because firstly she is Buddhist and i am Hindu and she is a year older to me. My Mom is seriously upset that I am still in relationship with her. I am these days lying to my parents and sister and secretly seeing her as i cannot hurt anyone. I love them all and want to be with them all. But I question myself am i doing the right thing by being with her. My parents have looked after me so well all this time and they have so many expectations from me. So would it be justified if I was to be with her and break my promises to them. I cannot make them cry. And as they are back home and I am her in US for studies it makes matters even worse. They feel I am being lured by her but in fact I really like her a lot. As we are not under parental supervision we have also ended up in a sexual relationship. I am so confused now. I love them all but who should i choose???? how to make them all happy??

        Answer: First off you can not please everyone in your life, trying to be a people pleaser is very unhealthy. It is also unhealthy to ask others to make decisions for you, you need to make your own decisions as they affect your life. I will say to you that there are issues with regards to your religions, you both most likely have deeply embedded beliefs that are going to conflict. READ THIS CAREFULLY and think about it; Rules without Relationship leads to Religion. Religion will never satisfy Your Thirst. All relationships begin from the source of love, not from religion. 1 John 4:9; This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. What am I saying? Seek relationship with Jesus, (both of you). Matthew 6:33; But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

      7. 7
        Joy Says:

        um… i dont know where to start i have talked to many about the situation but it all still seems confusing in the end. I just graduated this year of high school and i got in a relationship with this other christian girl as myself also am christian and it was great we totally kept focus on God wanted God’s glory to shine through our relationship basing it on what God wanted not us. This went on for 3 months and everything was good or so i thought she broke it off without really a word through a text and never saying why because she didnt want to and i wasnt going to pressure her in to telling me anything and that if she had come to this decision with God in mind it must be for the better. But why i am telling you this is that were both leaders in our christian community and after the break up our relationship went south not only as friends but brother and sister in Christ. in the way that i made her mad and she wont tell me that every time i walk into a room with her i get the stink eye and the feel of just hate in my heart and this has spread in our group and has caused a hate conflict. But the thing is i still love her and i try to show her in small ways and its so hard cause i cant focus on God let alone anything else with feeling this and i think after graduation she has forgave me but there is still that gap in not only our friendship but in our group of believers and i cant stop thinking about it or her and them dealing with what i leave behind in my legacy for our group. Also she graduated and is going to the same collage and we have very similar courses. But all in all i still love her and i feel a need to be near her if not in a relationship of dating but friendship i have no idea but i believe with all my heart God has something were he needs the both of us or one needs the other and i really need prayers and advice if God puts word on your heart. take care and God bless.

        Answer: People often say they have forgiven, and they may think they have, but down deep they really haven’t. Proverbs 11:13; He who goes about as a talebearer reveals secrets, But he who is trustworthy conceals a matter.
        What you feel in you and what she feels are apparently 2 different things. Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment, Jeremiah 17:9 says; The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? If you really care about her, you will let go, if she really cares about you, she will come back.

      8. 8
        Janet Says:

        I’ve been with my husband 27yrs. I’ve never been able to bring out his love emotions for me i know he loves me but i think its because of all the things i do, not because he’s in love with me. i feel i took over the mother role in his life because we got together so early in life. i feel as if i settled and didnt find true love. There is a man at work who has given me a lot of attention and we have kissed on more than one occasion and i have strong feelings for him but we both agreed to just stay friends since he too in in a relationship. I cant seem to shake these feelings i get them all the time i know we have chemistry and a deep connection i just dont know what to do? I’m in process of leaving my husband and i dont think having an affair is right now anyway so its better we stay friends but we have gotten together since then and partied together and since then this feeling i keep getting keep getting stronger and i dont understand them what i feel is my heart pounds and i get butterflies in my stomach and i feel very desirable its as if i feel him thinking about me and i dont know how i should handle this. we both want to do the right thing but not sure if there is a chance in the future for us? also he is almost 15yrs younger than me and that also scares me he said age doesn’t matter to him is just a mind set. Help i dont know how to proceed? please pray for me and if we are destine to be together then please God guide and direct my steps! and more importantly please forgive me for this affair of the heart and help me to understand. open doors than no man can close and close doors that no man can open. I want to know your love here on earth.

        Answer: Love is a choice, relationship is a choice, and you already made that choice, but because things have not gone how you would like, and because some of your needs have not been met, you are looking elsewhere. Why is it that we allow the love to stop in our relationships? Why does the other person have to initiate it first?
        You say “didnt find true love”, people often say things like that when there are issues that they have not been able to work out in their relationship. I would suggest you Rent or Buy the movie Fireproof and watch it with your current husband, come into alignment with God and everything else will as well. Also get the book “The Love Dare” and read it. Also, YOU need to look at this, you feel you played the Mother role? And now your with thinking of someone 15 years younger? Do you see a pattern here? If you want to know and feel Gods love, you need to spend more time with Him, going to church, reading the bible, worshiping, praying, and then listening. Finally I would suggest you and your Current Husband seek a biblical counselor.

      9. 9
        Joy Says:

        My issue lies in not being able to express my true emotions. I have been friends with a French guy, that I met 2 years ago. However, when I went to the south of France with him this summer with 10 others, I have been liking him more than a friend. These feelings started when I had a dream about him the day before I saw him (it was not sexual, but just a dream about everyday life with him included). Since this dream, I’ve just been feeling really happy around him (more than usual), and enjoy his company whilst with others a lot more. We sometimes talk in English together, and also in French. I did notice that he does act in a more-than- usual caring way towards me, I remember one time that I was putting some things in the bin, and he wanted to lift the lid for me, even though it has a foot handle. In addition, when I enter a room he is in, he’ll stop his conversation with whoever he is speaking to, and say something to me. There are other small things that he does, but I assumed he did these sort of things with the others in the group. However, the one thing that really did it, was when we, as a group, were doing some canyoning, and I noticed that I was panicking whenever I entered the water, so I started to stay at the back of the queue. Him and another guy that I used to be close to were the only ones that came to help me, and offered to wait for me when I hit the water, to pull me across. Ever since that day trip, I truely understood that he was a friend to me, and when I’d catch his gaze, I’d smile at him, which he’d respond to. The problem is 1. I didnt want to have these feelings for him, because I saw that it was affecting the way I was around him, so I’d tell myself to stop being silly since I live in London, and he lives in the south of France, so nothing can really come of the relationship, plus I’ll be living in Mauritius for a year. When I came to England, I’d dream about him, one being of us eating as a group, another being of him going to a skiing trip, while I’d go off to teach a class. These dreams seem very normal, so I dont really understand why I was having them. The next problem is that I can tell that deep down, I’m supposed to tell him what’s happening on my part, because when I went to a Christian festival, after being prayed for deliverance from a past sin, I later felt, and still feel that I need to tell him how I’m feeling. However, I’m afraid, and I need advice. Does this sound like it is God ordained? Or just a case of infatuation? I want to stay on the straight and narrow path as much as possible, so I dont want to do anything silly.

        Thanks very much, Joy

        READ THIS:
        Dreaming About People

      10. 10
        Ben Says:

        Love is so annoying and unfair does I love so much doesn’t love me. I’m going out with a lady who doesn’t wont to marry me. she loves me, but like me as a friend for the past 3 years, but I love here very much. because she is the meaning of my life. The only time I feel the beauty of life, true happiness is when i’m with she… I’m 32 years and she is 24, all my life I’ve fall in love like this before. I’m now a thinker at night, I’m getting crazy. she thought me how to love and the meaning of love. she has blinded me with her beauty, i just don’t no but i don’t believe in ladies any more… I always feel so bad when i think about love, I feel so empty without her, so useless… I just don’t no weather something is wrong with me and she wouldn’t tell me what is wrong with me. i thought love is beautiful, great and wonderful. is this the meaning of love….

        Comment: Although we all have the desire to be loved, love itself is giving, it is not self focused. Put your focus on Jesus and you will know love greater than any one person could ever give you. Often times relationships evolve from friendships to courtships, sometimes they remain friendships. Enjoy the love of your friendship, seek to appreciate what there is to be appreciated in that, and since there is no commitment, consider making more friends and dating other women.

      11. 11
        amiya Says:

        i am in a relationship with a girl for last 3 years. but now i am liking another girl more than her and i m really serious about the second one . when i look at her i really thinks that i can’t live without her. what should i do????

        COMMENT: Get a clear and precise understanding of what lust is, what infatuation is, and what love is, then you will know better. Read the bible.

      12. 12
        Paul Says:

        My fiance’ and me just recently broke up 2 days after our anniversary. I’m not a religious man, but highly spiritual. Only saying that because I see you resource to the bible for a lot of things and I don’t believe all the answers are in the bible written by man. Now I am deployed in Afghanistan and have been here for 9 months now. During the last two months it feels like she is pulling away from me, and finally 2 days after our anniversary she told me she wants to wait till I come home. And left me. She says I changed, that I’m jealous and angry all the time. I agree… So I’m seeking help from professionals for PTSD and trying hard. She tells me she loves me but still pushes me away, but when I ask her if she’s pushing me away she says no and apologizes. I don’t know what to do.. Some days I get upset and wish I could just say forget it. But I have deep feelings of love for her, and I trust her immensely and she has deep feelings of love for me. I’m just hoping we can last till I’m home to fix this.

        RESPONSE: Herein lies the biggest issue with people today, everybody wants help, like you, but they want it their way. In your case without God, so let me ask you…… how has “without God” been working for you? It does not sound very good, ya know?

        Now you make an excuse, (YES AN EXCUSE), saying that you don’t believe all the answers in the bible written by man. This is YOUR AVOIDANCE, go ahead and check yourself honestly. Have you ever read the bible? You need the truth, you don’t know what you don’t know. And you are not going to know until humility becomes a significant part of your character.

        Gain understanding, God made you for a purpose, he formed you in your mothers womb just like everyone else. He is the maker of Relationships, so why would you want to avoid the wisdom that could resolve all your difficulties? Let me give you a definition of love Gods way:
        Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud
        or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable,
        and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice
        about injustice but rejoices whenever truth wins out. Love never
        gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures
        through every circumstance. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

        Compared to that, how was your definition? I bet yours can not even compare.

      13. 13
        Rachel Says:

        Oh my, after reading some of these comments, it makes you wonder if love is a good thing. So often, we mistake what the world thinks love is for what God says love is. Love is more than feelings and infatuation, it’s a choice to do all those things that characterize it, such as, having patience, being kind, and never giving up even when that’s what you feel like. Sometimes, loving someone takes giving them and your relationship to God and asking Him to do what’s best. We are only held accountable for our actions, and we need to leave other’s actions in the capable hands of God. Thanks for the post!

      14. 14
        Deborah Says:

        Hello there!!

        I have been in my first relationship for 2 1/2 years now. My partner and I are both women…I am 44 and she is 34. We started our relationship and were very close for awhile. She has a tendency to bring out a lot of my flaws while we are fighting…and that hurts me!!! Thanks for being there and for reading my message!!!! Deb (by the way we are both from Brazil, but I have been here for 24 years and she’s been here for 3 years).

        COMMENT: People want resolutions for their problems, but they usually want them their way. Most are not open to dealing with the deep truths, the truths at the root of their problems that must be resolved in order to bring about healthy change. In order to understand others, you must first understand yourself. You both need to get in touch with your deeper selves, you both are harboring some deep pains from the past. These pains could be from childhood or from a traumatic event, the problem is these pains are still there. And these pains continue to play out in some fashion or manner everyday in your lives.

      15. 15
        gugu Says:

        I first found that my husband was texting his ex-girlfriend from 20 years back. Got mad and left him for 24hrs. He told me nothing was happening, just a mistake that he reminded this woman how he felt b4. A week later saw a love note from another number, this one he said yes he has an affair with this woman, I got mad and hurt him very bad something I never thought I was capable of. He tells me that he loves, yes he has been sending me love messages, long b4 I saw all this.

        YOU SHOULD Read This

      16. 16
        Josophene Says:

        So I like this guy, and he likes me, but he is to old for me and we both know it. And I also like a guy my age that is REALLY cute and sweet, but he has a girlfriend… What should I do? šŸ™

        COMMENT: Slow down & get a good understanding of what infatuation is. It’s more important to be good friends, than it is to be kissing in the moonlight.

      17. 17
        Jasmine Says:

        I started dating another guy, shortly after the death after my former boyfriend. I thought he was just doing it out of pity, but he reassured me he cared. He’s a Jehovah’s Witness, am not. He asked if i could change, but said its very difficult, but i was considering it, kind of.
        He has no job and money, but i’ve tried to love him for who he is, i push away other guys, just cos of him. But he tells me not to do so and decided that our relationship should be an open one. We’ve had misunderstanding because of this and sometimes, i feel, since, i spend the little i get, on him, he’ll leave me when he makes money and i expressed this feeling in a harsh manner. I got sick, he had exams to write, i kept asking if he loved me, cos he didnt have my time. Two weeks later, he comes to visit, and tells me he had no money and decided the relationship should be an open one, since am not getting any younger and he doesn’t have money to take care of me. I cried and pleaded that we should go back to the way we were but he still insists that he’s been fair. We still talk and tell ourselves ‘i love u’
        Is this infatuation?

        RESPONSE: First, outside of needed healing, why would you have to change? Especially with regards to a cult like erroneous belief system? Second, are those words; “I Love You” consistent with actions? What is this open relationship thing? Is that he gets to have his “cake and eat it too”? Did you already give yourself away? You might consider taking a step back and getting control of your emotions while making sure that it is your brain doing the thinking and not your emotions… or your desires to fill a gap that you feel is empty. Ever watch a dog chasing it’s tail? Sometimes we circle around looking for what we think we need, when what we really need has been there all along. There is a place inside of you that only God can fill. Matthew 6:33; But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

        As to the Jehovah’s Witness thing, you should do some serious looking into that! Get a basic understanding what Jehovah’s Witness are about and then consider these biblical scriptures: 1 Timothy 4:1 to 4:4;
        1 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the
        faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 2 Such
        teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. 3 They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth. 4 For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, 5 because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.

        As to their teachings and belief system:
        Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers. 1 Timothy 4:16

        Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? 1 Corinthians 1:20

        You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is
        hostility toward God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God. James 4:4

        Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Were you baptized into
        the name of Paul? 1 Corinthians 1:13

      18. 18
        evelyn Says:

        i am married but I no longer love my husband. I am in love with someone else. pls advice

        RESPONSE: Looking for someone to tell you it’s ok? Not going to happen here, you will just end up in the same place later! Love is something that is set into action, it is intentional in that aspect. Loving someone requires putting off oneself and focusing on their needs, not ones “fleshy desires” for fulfillment. You are married, and if you have not been abused, then I would say that you and your current husband need to learn what love is and how to love. And then include the context of appreciation for the love given to you. Appreciation brings transformation, and it is better to understand than it is to be understood. Did you read the article on Lost Your Love Feelings?

      19. 19
        Eucharia Says:

        have been in a relationship for 4years, and we really want to settle down for each other (marriage) so he proposed i accepted and we’ve been courting for 2years of course he gave me a ring and now he being delaying the marriage for his reason of getting a big wedding occasion. I feel he is not taking me serious because i cook for him, cleans his apartment and even have sex with him sometimes when he really disturbs for it. I feel he get all he want and so he doesn’t care how i feel about being engaged for so long with nothing to show for it.

        RESPONSE: Typical trap many women end up in. You gave yourself away prematurely, and now you can not get the commitment you desire. For a high percentage of men, as long as they get sex, they do not think there is a need to commit. Since you are in it now, I would suggest that you tell him that true love requires commitment, abstain from sex, and move out until your vows are official. Or continue to allow yourself to be disrespected.

      20. 20
        candy Says:

        i have been dating a guy over a couple of months and he have never tell me he love me but always say he have feelings for me and he like me.my question is,is feelings stronger than love?

        RESPONSE: Although they may be associated together, love and feelings art two different things. Feelings come from your emotions, and emotions do not think well, people often allow their over zealous emotions to rule their thinking, sometimes calling it love when it’s only lust or infatuation. Love is an act, love requires action, if a man buys you a ring and asks you to marry him, there is action. If he can not say he loves you, then either he does not know, (perhaps unsure), is not ready to commit at that level yet, or does not love you. The problem is you want to hear it, REALLY BAD! Don’t make the mistake of giving yourself away just cause you want to hear it, many women make that mistake.

      21. 21
        bisola Says:

        my boyfriend is having a baby with another lady….its so hard for me to let go…i love him so much…nd i know he loves me too…please advise me cos i'm a tight corner now,

        REPLY; Too often people think with their feelings and not with their heads, it’s very common in these matters. Just so you are aware of it, this is what you are doing. Based on your emotions I suspect you too gave yourself away prematurely, right? Just because a man wants to have sex with you does not mean that he loves you. Furthermore if he has sex with another lady, then he certainly does NOT love you. How could he love you and turn around and do that? That is a selfish act, not an act of love. You should be happy that you are not the one that is pregnant, and that you get another chance to get it right. Next time, control yourself, build a foundation based on friendship and do not give yourself away until you are married. Otherwise you disrespect yourself and you allow another to not only take advantage of you, but to disrespect you as well.

      22. 22
        Sara Says:

        I am a devoted christian and i will be turning 29 soon. I have kept myself all these years, hoping for a God fearing man to find me. I had a revelation 2 years ago and it’s related to whom i shall marry(God didn’t give me the name directly) it was more like character-wise instructions. My friends sometimes pick on me because they think i am too extreme with my Christianity. I don’t drink, don’t club and i don’t mess around…I’m quite strict and disciplined and yet i get criticized for that a lot…There’s this guy i truly like and can’t wait for him to ask me out. He is not cute but God fearing, committed through fruitful service in his church. I see him maybe once in a month but i can’t stop thinking about him….i feel like God is taking forever..well i know he makes everything beautiful in his time and i should not give God a deadline…i guess i just need someone to talk to…i fast and pray from time to time so i won’t lose my mind…i know i’m supposed to live above my emotions n stuff….I have so much to talk about….so much….

        COMMENT: So why don’t you ask him if he’d like to get a cup of coffee?

      23. 23
        emmy Says:

        Why do people feel having sex is expressing their love?

        REPLY: Because they do not understand what love is.

      24. 24
        Miss A Says:

        I love one person so Much.. Some miss understanding came up.. So we are separated now.. I still love him … And how can i get the love from him back..

        REPLY: Be honest with yourself, was it really a miss understanding? Did you do something that would hurt the trust of the relationship? Your question is quite vague, what is missing?

      25. 25
        Prem Says:

        i have facebook friend which i love very much .and want to marry with her but she dosen’t give any reply now a days ..how can i get her?

        REPLY: It sounds like you have never met in person, since it does not sound like you have any other means of contact. With that in mind, frankly, you are not ready to marry. You can not possibly know someone simply by facebook visits. You need to meet in person, get to know each other at a more meaningful and realistic level. Perhaps you scared her off with your desire to marry her without a more personal level of communication??? Try getting a phone number and conversing first, if you can. But don’t push right now, you probably shocked her enough already.

      26. 26
        Sandip Says:

        i love a one girl in Nigeria, every day i cry for her, she is telling me everyday she love’s me, but i never feel her love, if i call her any moment she just shout at me, she want to collect something that time she talk to me very well, after collecting this material she start the real nature, i do not what can i do. in mid night if i call her phone is waiting since 01 hours after that if i ask her she just shout at me any how, but Truly i love her very well. please suggest me what can i do, if i want to forgot her but i am unable to how i forgot.

        REPLY: You can not continue to appease someone every time they “cry out like a baby”, you will only end up in the same circumstance again. Stop giving candy to the baby. What is she shouting about? Could there be a deeper reason for her behavior? Understanding is key, try to understand the source reason for her anger/shouting. The root reason is usually different from the surface complaint, what is going on in her area that has her so frustrated?
        A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Proverbs 15:1
        A hot-tempered man stirs up strife, But the slow to anger calms a dispute. Proverbs 15:18
        Through patience a ruler can be persuaded, and a gentle tongue can break a bone. Proverbs 25:15
        Hatred stirs up strifes: but love covers all sins. Proverbs 10:12

      27. 27
        abcd Says:

        My engagement relationship from last 2 year before our engagement my Fiance have a b.f she also loved but after engagement she forget that guys n make relationship as a friend only but last
        before 2 month she relationship with her in a physical n before 10days that guys come at my home and inform me that v lover each other and then I ask my Fiance also do u really love him so she said no n told me everything that from last 2 month only I did huge that I make relationship with him so right know m confused what I vl do I told my Fiance also if u love him so I leave from ur life buts she said no I love u j nly now what I will please give good solution.

        REPLY, Its hard to make out what you are saying. But it does sound like there is at least 1 too many people in the relationship. Somebody is not being faithful.

      28. 28
        Ashraf dar Says:

        i love one girl she is my facebook friend she is already marry and has one baby but i no problem about him about ,i love her more than my love,i cant live with out her but sorry she also love me but as a but, i dont know what i do can you help me, im sad and alone now with out her.

        1. A foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction.
        2. An object of extravagant, short-lived passion.

      29. 29
        sowmiya Says:

        hi im loving one guy.. he also loving me sincerely that guys mom accepted our love.. she also very friendly to me.. but my family is not accepting my love. I want to live happily with my parents and my lover what to do??

        You will find that in life you can’t make everyone happy all the time, and if you try to, you will certainly not be true to yourself, and you will set yourself up for a pattern of life long people pleasing. Trying to please others is not healthy, trying to please God is!

      30. 30
        anand Says:

        l am in love with a girl.. i tried to say her…
        but she is not ready for this… i love her very much..
        so i expect you will help me.. and i got her photos by wats app.
        she’s blocked me also.. i am seeing her photo on my mob..
        every time..and set the her image as wallpaper..
        im in love with her but she’s not…

        REPLY: Learn the difference between infatuation and love.

      31. 31
        Wale Says:

        I have one girl friend we are going to the same church and we love each other very much. unfortunately someone just come to my father, that person star working with my father.From there the person start going church with us.I told that person my g.f and they greet each other.One day that my girl friend come to me and said she is no more dating me again with no reason. Unfortunately that person working with my father start dating my girlfriend.My girlfriend now come to our house one day to see the person working with my father, when she see him they went into the room.unfortunately i notice that person is having sex with her. Advise me on what i can do.

        REPLY: Apparently you don’t love each other very much, as you stated in your first sentence.

      32. 32
        Bel Says:

        i have seen my ex boyfriend in FB after 33 years and we chat for almost 2 weeks. He remembered all those details memories and still told me that he still loves me even we are both have our own family. Does it really happen that a man can hold such feeling for a longer period of mine, i was 18 and he was 22 back then even though we dont have that physical intimacy (meaning he respected me). It was a relationship based on love, trust and respect for over 2 years. i am confused. But it felt good to know that a man can still hold a memories like that and expressed it by saying he still loves me, cares about me. Please advise.

        REPLY: So he is married… What do you suppose he told his wife before they got married? Many men will tell women those 3 words just to get over on them. Be careful of the wascally wabbit!

      33. 33
        Dupsie Says:

        Thanks for your words of encouragement. True love indeed exist. God bless you

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