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      Anxiety, Stressing For A Situational Perception Of Control

      By Guide

      Stressing anxiety can overcome us when we are attempting to gain control over a set of circumstances in which we find ourselves in. We stretch out and attempt to become aware of some form of control via our senses. We feel like we have lost any sense of control because we have an inner desire to be in control.

      People believe that if they are in control of their situations, circumstances, and surroundings that they will have a better chance of subsistence. Their desires to be in control are conducive to the feeling of mental discomfort. They are literally stressing for a sense of control. The vague unpleasant emotion of anxiety sets in when they internally seek for something to hold onto and their perception tells them that there is no such facility. They become uneasy, lacking a sense of security that affords no ease of reassurance.

      Anxiety causes tension to rise physically in their bodies and their muscles constrict, elevating any existing pain in their bodies to higher levels of discomfort, (tension). Now they have a compounded level in the feeling of agitation with the physical tension. It’s not surprising that a person in this state might act irrational or lash out in anger at other people. At the center of their uncertainty is the element of fear. They are afraid of what might, can, or will happen, because they feel that they are out of control and that they have no source of security.

      People may then attempt to manipulate their environment, as well as others, to resolve their need for control. They are likely to be irritable, fretful, and respond with anger due to their fear. Their obsession with gaining control says that they are out of control. Often times people in this condition will seek medical assistance, such as a physiologist who may attempt to help them with their control dilemma, and after some careful consideration may prescribe some medications that are intended to help their condition.

      Recently I spoke with a person who had gone through some difficult times in her life. Every time a issue arrised she would mentally reach out for a specific person whom comforted her in the past, a person whom passed away many years ago. She would look for the one place that always brought her comfort, security, and assurance in the past, only to find that there was nobody there. In other words she was without the only coping mechanism that she had ever known. She was labeled bipolar many years ago and has a large assortment of medications. Interestingly enough, even with the medications she was still reaching out.

      Might it be possible that she needed a different prescription? A prescription filled with faith, hope, and love. Instead of reaching out for control or for someone that does not exist, how about if we reach out for the love of Jesus? How about if we reach out to the Heaven’s for our Poppa, where we will get affirmation and all the assurance one could ever dream of? So often what is missing from our lives is our personal relationship with Jesus, a relationship filled with hope, a hope that does not disappoint, and forever loves. He will never leave you or forsake you, He is always there for you to reach out to. Deliverance is there for the asking, in Jesus you can have the faith of knowing that deliverance is coming. When everything seems to be out of control, you can rest  with certainty knowing that God is in control. If you would like to braided to the strength of Jesus click here.


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      2 Responses to “Anxiety, Stressing For A Situational Perception Of Control”

      1. Victor Bajah Says:
        September 25th, 2008 at 11:38 am

        i think this is very rich and qualifies to build up any seeking soul. The answers in here are great and inspiring. I can vouch for them to anyone who will want solutions to their problems. Thanks!

      2. EZR Says:
        July 27th, 2011 at 3:29 am

        A prescription filled with hope, faith, love. He will never leave u or forsake u.who is him? which one? Can tell his name? or can not or just say?

        Reply: JESUS

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