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      Love Making Ideas, Painting A Canvas Of Unity & Closeness

      By Guide

      Love making is the deepest form of sharing between two people, there is an emotional bond that takes place when a couple is making love together. Fulfilling love making experiences come within context of an enriched marriage, within the couples relationship union is a cohesion level of bonding. Love making is not taking off your clothes and having sexual intimacy for the purposes of personal pleasure, that's lust. There is a difference between having sex and making love. Lust is a strong self-indulgent sexual desire, it's a personal inclination of unbridled, obsessive, and unrestrained sexual craving. There is no love making in selfishness, when two people get together just to have sex they are actually lust indulging.

      Males and females are wired with natural physical desires, we all have hormones. However, it is better to rule your own spirit, than it is to let your hormones rule you. A marriage relationship should embellish togetherness, feelings of enrichment, and encompass a genuine caring for one another in companionship. In love, you should have the desire to externally express your feelings for one another in a manner that meets each others needs. Many couples who are already in marriage relationships have problems in this area because they are focused on their own desires, not on meeting the needs of their spouse.

      You can not really enjoy love until you encompass an understanding of the facets of love. This first begins with each of you individually doing some self introspection that will enable the love to flow from you. You can not be focused on your desires and meet the needs of your spouse at the same time. Instead look to meet your spouses needs and let your spouse meet yours. Love is giving, and in that giving there is receiving.

      Love making is art, it begins well before exposing the canvas to the paint. It's a couples devotion to a multifaceted sharing of deep unity that is braided in a cohesive closeness. Your love making begins in your companionship, where through honest communication you expose yourselves to one another. Each of you learns the joys and blemishes of the other. You are best friends and you care about, support, and respect each others feelings, emotions, and desires. You meet one another at the place of each others emotional needs, thereby preparing loves canvas.

      Love making is the connecting of two souls intertwined as one. Your union of marriage has joined you in a physical, emotional, and spiritual bond, in the union of the body, mind, and soul. Your love making begins by knowing what kind of brushes to use, the type of paints to use, the colors and combinations to integrate upon your relationship canvas.

      Husbands communicate with your wife, spend quality time with her, she is not an object to fulfill your lustful desires. Your wife is your partner in life, cherish her, adore her, listen to her, and treasure your wife by loving her where and how she needs you to. Be romantic, tell her what she means to you, take the time to enjoy her company. When you meet the needs of your wife, she will be far more enclined to meet yours. When each of you get off of yourselves, the physical aspects of your love making will then rise to an altogether deeper level.


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