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      Dressing For Dating Success, Dating Clothes, Dating Dress Codes

      By Guide

      You have probably heard the slogan, "dress for success", and that goes for the men or women that you want to attract in relationships as well. Your initial impressions can be very  important when it comes to dating. How you are dressing may reflect some personal characteristics about yourself. It is possible that it may reveal the nature of your thought patterns and how secure you feel in yourself as well. If you dress in a provocative fashion, you are going to be attracting people, the question is what kind of people are you dressing up for?

      In dating you may want to attract men or women who are attracted to you physically, sexually, emotionally, and relationally. Perhaps then you might want to consider that what you are wearing is like a magnet. In many ways the type of people you draw to yourself is by your own doing……..and in many cases your own undoing.

      If you are looking for a significant true love relationship, wouldn’t you want to be attracting the type of people with the same interests? Many women feel like they have to look "sexy" to attract men, well you can be very attractive without showing significant cleavage and still be quite intriguing. Ladies, would you really want a guy who is more attracted to your bust line than he is to your personality? Wouldn’t you think that it would be more to your overall advantage to be attracting men who are more interested in looking into your eyes and getting to know the real you?

      There are plenty of single men that will find your breasts very attractive, and they would like to take your breasts out to dinner, and then home for a physical gratification nightcap. Do you want to be dating healthy singles or singles with lustful minds and hearts? Do you want them to be interested in you or in what they are thinking about for dessert? Dressing really sexy might temporarily inflate your ego, as you are likely to draw plenty of attention, but what kind of attention are you really drawing? And, how much does it really cost you to dress in that manner? (That is a heavy question that might be worth pondering.)

      Consider that the right person for you is waiting for you to show up, not  some exposed dressing attire. Ladies, did you know that there are men who find revealing dress behaviors to be a turn off? Might I suggest to you that you dress up your minds for dating, dressing with conservative attire, and try attracting singles whose desire is a relationship of a lasting nature, not of a sexual nature? You hold your own attracting magnet, if you end up with a pervert, it probably has something to do with your magnet.

      There may be many who will want to argue the dressing points above. They may need to take some time and do some self introspection in order to understand what the true source of their attire arguments really are. Temporary pleasures will only lead to long term difficulties. If you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them.

      Be beautiful inside, in your hearts, with the lasting charm of a gentle and quiet spirit that is so precious to God. 1 Peter 3:4


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