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      Believing in Love, Feeling Worthy Of Receiving Love, Accepting Love

      By Guide

      Love comes in many forms, you can spread love, express love, show love, develop love, experience love, increase love, feel love and give love in many ways. Love waits, calms, soothes, heals, comforts, encourages, accepts, prays, cares, and protects, love thinks about others. How does love think? Have you ever actually seen love thinking? Have you ever seen the wind blowing? You may see the movement of leaves and the uprooting of trees, and you may feel the wind blowing against you, but the wind itself is not visible. You may feel love and see the outcomes of love, or hear about the thoughts of people thinking out of love, but you can not physically see love anymore than you can see the wind blowing. And yet, we all believe in love.

      You can’t put love in a bottle, love can not be seen or even touched, it must be felt or given from the heart. In expressing love, we may give a love gift that would be gratefully accepted by someone. However, there are times when a love gift may not be received as graciously as it is given. You ever notice how some people, perhaps even yourself, love to give but they are not as receptive as they would like others to be? Think about this, sometimes we have our own blessing blockers standing out in front of us. We may have some inward feeling of unworthiness that prevents love from flowing into our lives. Some people may not have ever considered that the reason they don’t have a good relationship is because of their own inner love blockades.

      So many people say they want or desire things, but they themselves are not open to the reception. It’s possible that some people may have belittled them and thus they feel inadequate. Maybe they have some past failures that they have not learned how to let go of yet. Perhaps they believe that misguided voice that tells them that they will never amount to anything. It’s possible that they may be in a poor relationship with an insecure person who attempts to control and manipulate them by words of derogation. They may have had a childhood where they where never affirmed by their parents. Or they may have been hurt in a previous relationship and they are afraid to open the doors to love again.

      Regardless of the things you may have had to go through, or the way others might have treated you, love still wants to overflow into your life. Your ability to receive that love does not depend on anyone or on any accomplishments or successes. You are not defined by your productive abilities or by what others say, you are defined by your essence. Your essence comes from the love of an unseen source in your life, the one who created you out of love to have a relationship with you. From a Father that says that you are His precious child, and says that He loves very much. The truest form of affirmation is from your Heavenly Father, you are worthy of His love, you only need to open your inner self to accept it. You only need to reach out and ask Jesus to bring His unfailing love into your life. Ask him to forgive your sins and to embrace you with His love by coming into your heart and being a part of your life. You may want to make a note here, you can not see love and you can not see….. the source of love, which is God.

      No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. 1 John 4:12

      Dear friends let us love one another, for love comes from God…. 1 John 4:8


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      One Response to “Believing in Love, Feeling Worthy Of Receiving Love, Accepting Love”

      1. Jeannie B. Says:
        September 2nd, 2008 at 12:24 pm

        I just had a very upset call from my nephew in UK as He was going through trauma at seeing a guy who raped him, there was court case and guy got off insufficient evidence. My nephw was devistated when he rang and of course he is on my mind and I could not go back to sleep so reading my mail. Got this and I am going to forward it to him as a support resource. So God or the higher power works in mysterious ways as feel this may help on his journey

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